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Friday, April 16, 2010

We So Deserve

Analysis, interpretation, revelation, as I chart the path of my own destiny, I question the direction and where it leads. In a very warm and enlightening conversation yesterday we discussed the short period of time we are placed on earth and what it is we are to achieve and what direction it is to take. As I listened to others reveal their own doubts, the journey they had so far taken I found myself deep in thought of my own destination, weaknesses and strengths and the signs that reveal themselves a long the way. I have always thought that in my particular case the journey was not predestined and It gained or lost momentum along the way. There were many issues that surfaced in the last several days and as I confront them, I see both the open and closed doors that are placed in front of me.
In some instances knowing more complicates life, you step ahead of yourself and gaze back at where the decision process will lead. You view a multiple of outcomes, sometimes of a positive and of a negative nature. Life and the experiences are not like a switch that can turn it off and on. There were a few things that I had difficulty with, both of the situations signaled fear from within.

To live the life of love, to share in the happiness we so deserve, to believe that together, we can master each moment as it rolls into the hour. Like the many before us and those who have yet to journey on, I stand at the crossroads of life and wonder where it is I truly belong.


I am at the mercy of destiny,
it battles the reasoning for
each song, the road crumbling
on the journey, redirecting
the path of a road that's both
rocky and long.

It was a Nat King Cole song...sings> I believe for every drop of rain that falls a flower grows, I believe that somehere in the darkest night a candle glows.

Hope, faith, Peace and Harmony, I believe the Lord gave to me the power to write the words of love and inscript to life like flames of fire. I believe tomorrow will reveal the memories, the journey of a life and the reasoning behind it all. I look forward to the moment, I look for all that welcomes me and as I reach for your hand I am met with peace and harmony. Hope kept me waiting, faith simply revealed that happiness is merely the sum of our responsibilty to self.

Creams and lotions mixing and I thought I would take this time to write on the blog. It occured to me that I have spent a lifetime directing my energy into being what everyone wants. The time now is centered not necessarily on myself but on the correct the path. I had been on a detour for so long that I almost didn't recognize the signs that say turn here, stop now, pause, take a deep breath. As the sound of the mixer churns in the background, I feel an overwhelming joy in my accomplishments. I realized that everyone enjoys different things in life and for them that is fine, but I love making products, I love the creativity, I enjoy meeting people and I flourish on the weekly stage where I am the Queen bee. This is my journey and I hold the stern and I follow my heart and listen to my soul as I steer the ship through the storms of life. I am but a seed blowing in the wind and as I absorb the nutrients I am blessed with growth that takes me beyond my yesterdays.
Angels... you find them to appear in the most unusual times and places. Rarely do they come dressed with angel wings, but yet it is wings that they give. Soaring high, can't deny looking down who is by myside. Angels, angels removes the fear and places joy and love everywhere.

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