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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dances With Your Soul

We are in the midst of celebrating the start of Summer with temperatures in the 90's.  The weather dry and warm stirred many memories, especially those that could be traced back to childhood. It was the long walks to the swimming pool, the huge plum tree that sat atop Troy hill just waiting to be picked and the long roads well traveled that help to mold and form the characters in which is ingrained deeply within us. Life is nothing more than the integrating of chapters, for one cannot erase the past and so we must learn to take the good from it all and move forward. There is allot of irony as I in my mind can trace those childhood roads, almost as if I can still still see various periods of time as if they happened today, right now at this very moment. Which in many ways reveals that the mind does not always age as the rest of our body does and therefore we are encapsulating the recordings of energy. 

I can still feel the element of surprise,
as if it was happening for the first time.
The dreams that became the gateway
to embrace under star lit skies and the
road which led you into these arms of

My heart is caught up in this love I 
have for you, amazing and wonderful
to make our sky a brilliant blue. Every
day is that much more special as I 
hold you in my heart and whisper
words of love to you from a far. 


Runs into your arms, embraces your heart, 
holds your hand, dances with your soul
and kisses you good morning.

To watch the sunrise take its place over the lake and see the rays glisten upon the waters wake. The calm that I feel when I am with you, is awfully special as it combines the heart and soul with the blue. As close to perfection as life can be, is when I placed you in my heart for all eternity. 



Sunday, May 29, 2011

Good Night

I can't believe it is already 2:30 am. I don't really feel tired, but I know that I am as I am making stupid mistakes putting wrong labels on jars and saving files improperly. The boys were mowing along the driveway this week and caught some poison Ivy and so I have been up mixing up some herbal poison Ivy salve, 1 am and gather plants from the garden to mix up.I feel like I did a good bit accomplished today and to the rest que sera , sera.
It is so quiet as I sit at my desk finishing up my work and though the day is so busy, at night you can hear the train from little over three quarter mile away through the hills. I still to this day enjoy the sound of the trains, something soothing about it all. Strangley enough I don't feel pressured or tense or worried. The day has gone so fast, almost as if it flashed before my eyes. I spent the earlier part of the day cooking out on the grill and preparing dinner for my eldest son's birthday. The weather cooperated , it was hot but not humid, dry and sunny and so I felt calm.

I can't see tomorrow through all the yesterdays,
the child in me still wants to run and play, but
tired is this body and  weary my mind from
the winter trials and the road of old man time.

The wind is still, no birds in flight and a I looked
into the gardens my emotions I couldn't fight.
I imagined you here with, I dreamt it so and
at this very moment your with me wherever I go.

We are soon getting ready to celebrate Memorial day and as I look over my achievements and my failures, they all seem so minute compared to the journey in which our men of the military serve us each day. I have never been fond of tatoo's but I always referred to my son who is in the Marines as a GI Joe.. and American Hero. So he had that put on his arm, there is really nothing about war on either side that is rewarding, taking the position of the almighty and playing lead in the game life and death is always been disturbing and yet we know the sacrifice of so many that have been given so we may remain free in a safe enviroment.
I hadn't had much time to read the news but I did catch this article this morning a  "A 22-year-old woman on summer break solves a problem that has vexed scientists for decades," the article was dealing with space. I was intrigued as I read and amazed at the galaxies uncounted and the little known of the mass of space in which we are minute. Imagine the world all working together to explore that which is still unseen and unknown. There is a bit of irony as people think they are doing such great things here on earth and they have yet to scratch the surface of the unknown. Sometimes I think we are like Dr. Suess story for children " the who's." To each of us there is a journey, a sequence of events, with one soul no more or less important than another.  Imagine for one moment, you turn over a rock in the garden and there you see a huge massive aunt farm. The ants are going about their business and you destroy it, either step on it, spray with insect killer, dump the dish soap over it. We try to do just about anything to get rid of what we think doesn't belong. Some day someone is going to turn over a rock and squash earth. That is kind of a pestimistic thought. But in reality we are energy a part of the mass of the unknown. Yet I know that we are gifted with the ability to think, explore and acknowledge the world around us.
I can't help but drift back to the men in our military and the faces,so young, either they are so young or I am getting old. I believe they sacrifice to make a better world, to educate, to defend, and protect in difficult arena, one that man himself as built.
There is so much more then I'll get to see in my lifetime and we can only hope that the generations of young adults which will follow will seek to better our chances with the unimaginable. Fantasy always has a bit of truth in it and it is that truth which becomes the step beyond the world as we know it. 

There is no power in control as control is but a
 weak tool meant to limitt he imagination.


Saturday, May 28, 2011

You Make Me Feel Brand New by Simply Red (with lyrics).

This is one of my favorite songs.. it reminds me to be grateful and to never let go of the positive that directs my life. The words are not only beautiful but hold so much truth. I can't really explain and not as if the trials which we endure really have any bearing , because as long as we have another day to wake up to, we have a chance to make a difference in the world, to share in love and to create our own destiny.
There are so many sings I want to say and do, I find though the heart is pure and directs us in many ways, that we sometimes to fail to listen or allow it to guide us completely. So as you listen to the song and words remember that the words are universal and may fit into the lives of others but that the reality is we are .

They say that once you have been touched by love it changes your whole reality and visionary.
That the world takes on a different view, that you see beauty where nothing but darkness once existed.

The heavens smile,
the dreams wowed,
as the road revealed
how true love really feels.

Like summers days in gold,
blue skies where the day unfolds,
happiness with you in a dream
I dare to come true.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Making the impossible ...possible

When it all seems impossible and you don't know which way to turn and the weights are heavy and every hill twist around a curve. When you give into your weakness and the skies are always gray, it is then time to look through the heart to see the world in a  mystical and wondrous kind of way. Unlike the apple blossoms that bloom and quickly fade, your love is most distinguished and becomes more beautiful and passionate with each day. The kiss in the morning before the sun has yet to rise and the warmth of your love that no one in this world could deny. So magical is this power born of a joyous love that it is capable of embracing beyond the rivers and clouds above. I can feel it in my heart with each moment of the day, as it soothes and comforts in the most amazing way. I knew it in my soul from the day you said hello and like the sun on a summer day it leaves me with a glow. When it all seems impossible and there is a wall at every turn, I reach for your hand and like a rope it serves. Pulling me to safety, allowing me to feel secure as I climb beyond the barriers knowing that each step is a foot hold closer to the core. Beyond the entry of the dreams to the center of your being, to where our souls first bonded, at the start of our first meeting.

As long as one person believes everything is possible!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The song of my heart

I'll love you everyday,
remind you in different ways,
hold you close in my heart,
so our souls will never part.

I'll sing of our love,
here on earth and up above,
I'll dance each day with you
on the clouds in the heavens blue. 

I'll see you in my dreams, hold
you tight from memory.Love
you more with each breath I
take whether sleeping or awake.


The words don't really matter, the melody is fine, played on the strings of my heart and secured for all time. Like my Paddy bear that I hold in the night, I cling to your love to guide me to the light. The dance upon the heavens is only for you and I, for nothing is as special as the embrace that our heart and soul refined. Somethings change as does my love for you, as it gets stronger and stronger under the skies of blue.

The words don't really matter, the melody is fine, played on the strings of my heart and secured for all time. Somethings are a passage of a moment in a day, but our love is awfully special in a wonderful kind of way. You and I will live on in many ways as the love within our hearts is like the stars on display. Shining bright, as bold as can be, the beautiful part of loving you is that you are in my arms to stay.


There is sunshine in the morning my love,
there are raindrops in the afternoon, there is
a dream waiting to reveal  what you mean to
me, through the magic of love like a kiss in
the summer breeze.

There are blue jays squaking and flying free,
there are robin collecting crawlers beneath
the trees, there are clouds passing by, inviting
you and I to take a ride, as our hearts and
souls collide.

There are songs still waiting to be sung, there
are bells still waiting to be rung, there are
days we have yet to live and a love we
still have to give, through ages of life.

There are angels singing our praise,
there are rainbows that never seem
to fade, there are chapters left unwritten
and pages that we are still flipping as
we share our life in this most amazing way.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

... and then I closed my eyes.

 One of the most intriguing pieces William Shakespeare wrote was "All the world's a stage,and all the men and women merely players;They have their exits and their entrances,and one man in his time plays many parts," I found that each of us view life and our capabilities very differently, but one thing is true, we all have our exits and entrances. People go about measuring the importance of another human being, as if one matters more than another. But time reveals that we are all vulnerable and that there is no greater journey than the one we ourselves are to complete.

When it feels right... it is!

There is no comprise when it comes to love.

Quitting is easier but also lacks the rewards.

We all start on the same plateau, 
the rest depends on how fast and how
 far we choose to  move forward.

As long as you hold love in your heart,
your soul will find its way. 

Same book... different page. 

The intensity in which one loves, reveals the depth in 

which one soul is bonded to another. 

If you can see in me what I see  in you, our accomplishments are great, for each mountain between us has been leveled to merely a grain of sand.

Monday, May 23, 2011


The Tree frogs in symphony,
the owl impatiently shouts out "who!"
as I gaze into the night sky,thinking
sweet thoughts of loving you.

Whether a fresh squeezed glass
of lemonade or gently holding
hands with you, the night is awfully
special as long as I"m with you.

The skies are always bluer, the sun
is brighter too and the warmth I
feel within my heart comes directly
from the joy of loving you.

Rainbows across the heavens,
create the bridge of memories,
that unite my heart with yours
through the viewing of our dreams.

Life is like lemons, it's a little sour till you add a little sweetness
and then it creates a whole new image, fresh, delightful and
wonderful when shared... thank you for being the sugar in my

Sunday, May 22, 2011

One with your love

I have learned so many things over a lifetime, but most importantly what love is. Not a gift in a box, nor an experience but the joy of sharing that comes from deep inside. My soul accompanies you on this journey and when you begin tire,just know my heart is open for you any day or hour.

My heart is always open,
and waits for you each day,
to enter my sweet darling
where dreams of love are made.

Hold my hand and walk through
life with me, record to historythe
love of you and I. We are the
mountains, the river and the sea,
we are at the gates of eternity.

My heart is always open, and
waits for you each day , to
 enter my sweet darling where
dreams of love are made.

 There is love and then there is the merging of souls...

Holds you in my heart...

So magical is this love, that when our earthly form fades, 
our love will embrace eternity forever times a day.

You are as close to my heart as each dream to my pillow.


I felt the tickle of the wind to my soul, awakening my spirit as your love takes a hold. My heart beating fast, as fast as can be, celebrates the moment when you said hello to me. The sun has risen and silence rules the air and I can't help but dream , dream you here. Like roses from the garden, with fragrance sweet, I take each breath deeply, to breathe you into me. 

I felt the rain as it showers down from the sky, knowing each raindrop falling infuses like memories to my mind. Embracing with love and holding you tight and there is where we dance day and night. My arms are here for you and when you need me my love and I'll be ever with you, wherever you may go.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Simple Pleasures

It appeared as if we had a seven month winter, starting early and ending later than usual. But as spring is well under way and making way for summer, I am losing faith in the seasons holding true to the typical spring, summer, fall and winter. I remind myself that the rain though very necessary is becoming a little to much of a good thing. Though I ponder at when will the soil dry so that I may be able to plant my flowers and vegetables into the garden. I can't help but look at Mother Nature and her power over the world. We want to at times absorb all the benefits without giving Mother Nature the respect due. Each place on earth has a gift to give, like the ocean. I like to remember when the sun is shining and the waves are gentle and the beautiful creatures of the waters reveal themselves. But I am also aware that the ocean like other people, places and things has more than one side to it.  It was a few years back when I was on the outer banks and the sky became gray and the waves so powerful as a storm was approaching. There are many storms that will threaten our way of life, but with respect and common sense we approach the storms like those of life with caution.
Love it can't stop the inevitable but it does give us strength to see us through, as it empowers us with faith, respect and a uncommon strength that unites soul to soul. It is this bond of spirit that is void of ignorance, hate and greed that allows us to see the world and the sun behind each storm. Despite the late spring  filled  with cool and rainy days, the song birds still migrated and are quickly going about building their nest and bringing joy with their morning song.
My mind is a bit scattered which is not uncommon as I have a habit if not keeping really busy to bounce back and forth. It was a conversation that I had with my daughter a few days ago. Though at this moment what we discussed is not as important as what it revealed. That life is a network and everything we do or not affects those we come in contact with. Our decisions and many choices will alter lives as we go about exploring and experiencing  through our trials and tribulations. What makes one person strive to do more and another quick to give up? I wondered was it something taught, a part of DNA or the road map of our very own destiny? Again I found myself visualizing images, like that of the, tight rope walker or merely the plants in the green house that eagerly grow with a balance of light and nutrients. Balance not always easily attained but necessary.
I find myself trying to balance my days and at times with very little success. Sometimes almost feeling lost and  like a train that has derailed. Steps back to get a clear view of where I am at and what direction I am going.

Simple Pleasures

To wake up each morning to give you a kiss and pleasure each moment in a never ending state of bliss. To keep you in my heart through all that I do and know that you'll be here to say " my darling I love you." Simple pleasures  mean so much to me, holding your hand with love for all eternity.

A walk along the river, watching the stars in the sky, feeling your magic and you feeling mine. Preparing you breakfast and staying by your side, sleeping the day away just you and I. The fragrance of the roses as they slowly open in full  bloom and sitting on the bench with no word between us two. Feeding the ducks, staring into your eyes, kissing you my daring for the rest of my life.

You've Got A Friend - Carole King

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Little bit of rain, till a little bit of sunshine...

Singing> Little bit of rain,till a little bit of sunshine dries up all the dew. Little bit of kissing, little bit of hugging to share my love with you.

The day is quickly passing and there is so much to do but I'd rather spend my day loving you. The lilac blooms have faded and the lilies are all in bud and that just documents a season on the run. The trees are dressed in their finest shade of greens and the mountains are now celebrate the joy of living.

Little bit of rain, till a little bit of sunshine dries up all the dew. Little bit of kissing, little bit of hugging to share my love with you.

The sun is bright and blinding as it sends down rays of warmth, like your love that sends such happiness that it warms my heart. I am dancing in the moment, like I never danced before, for I am happier than the songs birds singing at my back door.

Little bit of rain, till a little bit of sunshine dries up all the dew. Little bit of kissing, little bit of hugging to share my love with you.

There is no sounds of silence as a song now fills the air, a synonymy of love that only lovers can hear. Your beating heart as it beats next to mind and the music of paradise that the heavens sent on down. The world is celebrating, as it knows our love is true and as long as you are holding my hand, I'll be holding too.

Little bit of rain,till a little bit of sunshine dries up all the dew. Little bit of kissing, little bit of hugging to share my love with you.

We challenged every moment, we battled the day and we surfaced with a smile and a love that will never fade away.. Engaged in loving this life of ours reveals that there is indeed a sunshine behind every storm. Listen my darling and I will sing to you, the words of my heart, the whispers of I love you.

Little bit of rain,  till a little bit of sunshine dries up all the dew. Little bit of kissing, little bit of hugging to share my love with you.

Monday, May 16, 2011

How Nice

 Just how nice?

To taste the sweetness of the flesh would initiate the physical desire and bring about the passion that the merging of our hearts has set a fire. Incredible the emotions, the quiver at first touch for our love is like the start dust empowered by the heavens above.

Sweeter than the ripened honey suckle that twines the old oak tree, as the tongue explores the depth of love from the flesh of your body next to me. To feast upon your moist and most pleasant flow of honey feeds my lustful soul from you my darling who are so loving.

To hold you in my arms and feel each breath you take, as our bodies come together and pleasure us on this earthly plane.  The heart is but a vessel the soul passes through and our bodies simply paradise where home is when I am deep within you.

How nice, just how nice would it be to taste and share the sweetness of touch? The answer is obvious nicer than any thought or dream that we could possibly conjure up and more pleasant than the images shared upon the clouds above. 

The erotic pleasure which completes what our hearts have already known, is revealed  through our actions and  through our love it grows.Teases the spirit as it awakens it from the deepest depth of our internal being, raising our level of consciousness to give to life more meaning.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

My Degree in Loving You

Sings>  I'm graduating with a degree in love, I can now dance with perfection on those clouds above.What I have learned to do... no one else but you, have taught me the meaning, of simply caring and believing. 

           I wanna give to you a dream come true,
           I wanna love no one else but you.
           I wanna walk through life holding your hand
           and know that I am your woman and you're my man

          I wanna whisper the words of love,
          I wanna dance to them on the clouds above.
          I wanna sing out loud so the world will know
          what I have found in loving you.



Monday, May 09, 2011

What is already yours

In Everything I Do

I take you with me, I hold you in my heart as I gaze into the heavens where our love first got it's start. The images cast are fascinating by taking simple pleasures and bringing life to the dreams. I start the day with you,
yes! that is my kiss upon your lips and holding your hand in mine I promise not to loosen my grip. The sky is always bluer and there is sunshine everyday and it's because of you my love that happiness never fades.

I take you with me, I hold you in my heart as I gaze into the heavens where our love first got it's start. You're there in the night on a dark and stormy eve and again in the morning with new possibilities. My days are all so special like a cloudless sky of blue, because I know no matter what you are doing, you're here to see me through. I can feel the love you give to me, it leads me through the darkness and makes life feel like the first warm day of spring. 

I take you with me , I hold you in my heart as I gaze into the heavens where our love first got it's start. You make the world seem special and that is not make believe, the magic of life is when you are here beside me. There is blue birds in the morning and love birds at night and peace within me that make everything feel right. You're the magic of the moment and that my love is true, no matter what life's plan you are a part of everything I do.

next to and when the stars take to sky,

Thunder and lighting control the sky,
no rainbows or sunshine nor stars
in sight.

Cool is the evening and scary at best
as the heart trembles at the storm
like mess.

Yesterdays stories fade in the blue,
of the trials and tribulations of
a life I once knew.

Gathering wild mushrooms a bucket or two,
and I washed and sauteed more then a few.
Wine and sweet butter a delicate taste,
of the gifts of nature from the warmth and
the rain.

My mind kept straying, it remembered the day,
the very first moment you found your way.
There were rainbows each morning, stars
shining bright in the mystical glimpse
of the moon shining shining both day
and night.

Chills setting in and I don't know why,
it is not that I am cold or having
anything to hide. Lost in the moment
where sorrow once reigned now replaced
with the game of the day.


... to know you is to love you. Once spoken
during the meeting of souls.

They say be careful what you sign and take the time to read,before crossing all your T's and dotting all the I's. I don't need a contract to say what you mean to me,you are at the center of my world and my everything.

My heart is not for the giving nor for anyone to take, It was yours from the beginning and something's never change. It's a matter of finding where you were and letting our hearts go so they would meet up and gently merge.

Trust is something you just don't go out and buy, it comes from sharing the truth revealed from deep down inside. Whispers of a lifetime of a sweet love set free, heard from the angels singing up above the mountain of trees.

I know all is possible , the warmth of your love,the magic of a smile, it is what I truly feel when I am with that special person who makes my heart go wow! . Like sunshine on a winter day or a snowflake in the month of May, that is how I feel when I'm there with you.

I can't give away, what is already yours,though the journey has been long, my heart and soul has always been your forevermore.You can see it in the sky on a dark and clear night and early in the morning before the sun has yet to rise.

I am just one breath away and if you close your eyes you'll find, that I am in your arms each moment of the day. Every waken thought and in each dream released at night all contain the images of you and I holding each other tight.

When I think of you, all is as it should be...
and I feel the embrace of love.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

....and then the bird sang.


Love that can feel without touching,
hear when silence rules the night and
breathe into the moment the passion
that no two souls can fight.

I feel compelled to write the words kept safe deep within my heart, 
free of the darkness, where only my desire for you dwells. 

Powerful the moment which dares to bring our love to life,
cast like dreams upon the heavens and there I embrace with delight.

More than an object of my devotion, composed strictly of my emotions,
the passion I declare for you has us dancing on those clouds in skies of blue.

 Shhhh. hush my love, no words need our pass lips,
the whispers are from the heavens high and the story
they tell is from the heart and soul and not the mind.

Soft and gentle the words meant only for your ears
and mine, like rainbows that arch the distance are
the sounds of love that connect your heart to mine.

Unique in the sense that your love is very transparent as I
cannot only see your heart but your soul.

So unselfish a love that it is not the words that embrace,
but the energy that I feel that holds me safe in the night.

You are the quintessential embodiment of true love,
a king of men with a heart that spans the heavens .

 I would never take for-granted a love so wonderful
that it embraces all that I am while
 encouraging all that I can be.

The day had a semblance to seasons that have long gone by. The rain continues to fall to the earth, the sun deceiving hides behind the clouds and the hollow once again comes to life.As I look at the trees dressed in their finest green, I couldn't help but notice the rate of maturity of the various deciduous trees.The English walnut after twenty years of growth compared very little in size to my two year old fruit saplings. I wondered if the location in which the English walnut tree is growing was providing it with the adequate nourishment needed to encourage the growth at a healthy rate in which  it could reach maturity. The little reminder from nature makes us aware that the proper surroundings with the necessary nutrients will provide us with enough nourishment to grow and mature beyond our own expectations . But also the opposite is apparent that in the wrong location with improper nourishment we could find our growth lagging and stunted.
The sun has yet to rise and the morning is cooler than normal. I lay in bed a little longer than usual in what I  refer to as a two blanket morning. There is an eerie silence about almost as if the house itself is sleeping. The only sound is the hum of the lap top and the distant crow of the rooster as he slowly makes his way closer to the house. It is the first morning in along while where I awoke without the ghastly dreams of the previous days. Well rested I preferred not to dwell on neither the past nor the present. Yet there was this nagging feeling looming over me, one that I could not shake over the last few days. I could feel the tears swell behind my eyes and yet it was as if they were under lock and key and I could not release the emotions that lay hidden behind them. It felt like a page from a  previous chapter  had been torn from the book of life, scrunched and tossed away. Like missing elements in a formula and not being able bring completion to a project. Flustered I wanted to rewrite chapters of my own life. Was this an impossible feat? Why could I not just let it go? Because he never said good....
There is a scream within me even though silence now reigns. I want to acknowledge these emotions, as if I were shouting from the mountain tops and the echo could be heard in the silence of the morn. It was neither defeat nor a call for help, but a cry from deep within my soul that reached out to you. As if the angels said "weep not my child, the day is young and all good things still left unsung." I felt older, time was short and I still knew nothing of what tomorrow has in store.  The answers are not easy but this I know that somethings in life just have to go. I deserve happiness, love and care but it has to come from self before it is shared.

The death of a soul happens more than people realize...

The heart is the vessel in which all emotions travel.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Over and over again...

I have always been impressed with the way a horse in a steeplechase race  manages to challenge each barrier and hurdle with such strength and grace. You have to admire the ability of the horse as it appears to take each jump with such ease. Life is very much like a steeplechase race, many barriers placed before us and we either stand still afraid  to jump, try to get around it or challenge the moment and jump over. I had wondered  if each hurdle was an end or a beginning? Jumping to greener pastures just to confront another barrier.
It reminds me of the chapters of our life, where does one end and another begin? Who dictates the change and writes the script? Obviously choice alone does not control our destiny nor is it always the consequence of our actions. As I struggle with my own ability to hurdle the current barriers, I find myself looking back at chapters which had no clear conclusions.

There is no blue skies,
 no sunshine without
you beside me.

No dreams to come true ,
 no river with waters blue
with out your love to
remind me.

Stars light up the sky,
the clouds now drifting by
and all I can do is imagine.

Your arms holding tight,
the love of my love, is the
way life should be.


The words of love were written in the sand,
 from the one who holds my heart and took my hand.
Healing makes it so and this much I know that as I
mature I grow and your love I won't let go.

Love and love again was the message he sent,
 and through the dream I saw that with love we
have it all.

The words of love were written in the sand ,
from the one who holds my heart and took my hand.
Healing makes it so and this much I know that as I
mature I grow and your love I won't let go.


Somewhere in time with vocal first in youtube philippine ver