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Saturday, May 28, 2011

You Make Me Feel Brand New by Simply Red (with lyrics).

This is one of my favorite songs.. it reminds me to be grateful and to never let go of the positive that directs my life. The words are not only beautiful but hold so much truth. I can't really explain and not as if the trials which we endure really have any bearing , because as long as we have another day to wake up to, we have a chance to make a difference in the world, to share in love and to create our own destiny.
There are so many sings I want to say and do, I find though the heart is pure and directs us in many ways, that we sometimes to fail to listen or allow it to guide us completely. So as you listen to the song and words remember that the words are universal and may fit into the lives of others but that the reality is we are .

They say that once you have been touched by love it changes your whole reality and visionary.
That the world takes on a different view, that you see beauty where nothing but darkness once existed.

The heavens smile,
the dreams wowed,
as the road revealed
how true love really feels.

Like summers days in gold,
blue skies where the day unfolds,
happiness with you in a dream
I dare to come true.

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