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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, May 16, 2011

How Nice

 Just how nice?

To taste the sweetness of the flesh would initiate the physical desire and bring about the passion that the merging of our hearts has set a fire. Incredible the emotions, the quiver at first touch for our love is like the start dust empowered by the heavens above.

Sweeter than the ripened honey suckle that twines the old oak tree, as the tongue explores the depth of love from the flesh of your body next to me. To feast upon your moist and most pleasant flow of honey feeds my lustful soul from you my darling who are so loving.

To hold you in my arms and feel each breath you take, as our bodies come together and pleasure us on this earthly plane.  The heart is but a vessel the soul passes through and our bodies simply paradise where home is when I am deep within you.

How nice, just how nice would it be to taste and share the sweetness of touch? The answer is obvious nicer than any thought or dream that we could possibly conjure up and more pleasant than the images shared upon the clouds above. 

The erotic pleasure which completes what our hearts have already known, is revealed  through our actions and  through our love it grows.Teases the spirit as it awakens it from the deepest depth of our internal being, raising our level of consciousness to give to life more meaning.

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