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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

....and then the bird sang.


Love that can feel without touching,
hear when silence rules the night and
breathe into the moment the passion
that no two souls can fight.

I feel compelled to write the words kept safe deep within my heart, 
free of the darkness, where only my desire for you dwells. 

Powerful the moment which dares to bring our love to life,
cast like dreams upon the heavens and there I embrace with delight.

More than an object of my devotion, composed strictly of my emotions,
the passion I declare for you has us dancing on those clouds in skies of blue.

 Shhhh. hush my love, no words need our pass lips,
the whispers are from the heavens high and the story
they tell is from the heart and soul and not the mind.

Soft and gentle the words meant only for your ears
and mine, like rainbows that arch the distance are
the sounds of love that connect your heart to mine.

Unique in the sense that your love is very transparent as I
cannot only see your heart but your soul.

So unselfish a love that it is not the words that embrace,
but the energy that I feel that holds me safe in the night.

You are the quintessential embodiment of true love,
a king of men with a heart that spans the heavens .

 I would never take for-granted a love so wonderful
that it embraces all that I am while
 encouraging all that I can be.

The day had a semblance to seasons that have long gone by. The rain continues to fall to the earth, the sun deceiving hides behind the clouds and the hollow once again comes to life.As I look at the trees dressed in their finest green, I couldn't help but notice the rate of maturity of the various deciduous trees.The English walnut after twenty years of growth compared very little in size to my two year old fruit saplings. I wondered if the location in which the English walnut tree is growing was providing it with the adequate nourishment needed to encourage the growth at a healthy rate in which  it could reach maturity. The little reminder from nature makes us aware that the proper surroundings with the necessary nutrients will provide us with enough nourishment to grow and mature beyond our own expectations . But also the opposite is apparent that in the wrong location with improper nourishment we could find our growth lagging and stunted.
The sun has yet to rise and the morning is cooler than normal. I lay in bed a little longer than usual in what I  refer to as a two blanket morning. There is an eerie silence about almost as if the house itself is sleeping. The only sound is the hum of the lap top and the distant crow of the rooster as he slowly makes his way closer to the house. It is the first morning in along while where I awoke without the ghastly dreams of the previous days. Well rested I preferred not to dwell on neither the past nor the present. Yet there was this nagging feeling looming over me, one that I could not shake over the last few days. I could feel the tears swell behind my eyes and yet it was as if they were under lock and key and I could not release the emotions that lay hidden behind them. It felt like a page from a  previous chapter  had been torn from the book of life, scrunched and tossed away. Like missing elements in a formula and not being able bring completion to a project. Flustered I wanted to rewrite chapters of my own life. Was this an impossible feat? Why could I not just let it go? Because he never said good....
There is a scream within me even though silence now reigns. I want to acknowledge these emotions, as if I were shouting from the mountain tops and the echo could be heard in the silence of the morn. It was neither defeat nor a call for help, but a cry from deep within my soul that reached out to you. As if the angels said "weep not my child, the day is young and all good things still left unsung." I felt older, time was short and I still knew nothing of what tomorrow has in store.  The answers are not easy but this I know that somethings in life just have to go. I deserve happiness, love and care but it has to come from self before it is shared.

The death of a soul happens more than people realize...

The heart is the vessel in which all emotions travel.

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