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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dances With Your Soul

We are in the midst of celebrating the start of Summer with temperatures in the 90's.  The weather dry and warm stirred many memories, especially those that could be traced back to childhood. It was the long walks to the swimming pool, the huge plum tree that sat atop Troy hill just waiting to be picked and the long roads well traveled that help to mold and form the characters in which is ingrained deeply within us. Life is nothing more than the integrating of chapters, for one cannot erase the past and so we must learn to take the good from it all and move forward. There is allot of irony as I in my mind can trace those childhood roads, almost as if I can still still see various periods of time as if they happened today, right now at this very moment. Which in many ways reveals that the mind does not always age as the rest of our body does and therefore we are encapsulating the recordings of energy. 

I can still feel the element of surprise,
as if it was happening for the first time.
The dreams that became the gateway
to embrace under star lit skies and the
road which led you into these arms of

My heart is caught up in this love I 
have for you, amazing and wonderful
to make our sky a brilliant blue. Every
day is that much more special as I 
hold you in my heart and whisper
words of love to you from a far. 


Runs into your arms, embraces your heart, 
holds your hand, dances with your soul
and kisses you good morning.

To watch the sunrise take its place over the lake and see the rays glisten upon the waters wake. The calm that I feel when I am with you, is awfully special as it combines the heart and soul with the blue. As close to perfection as life can be, is when I placed you in my heart for all eternity. 



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