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Monday, May 09, 2011

What is already yours

In Everything I Do

I take you with me, I hold you in my heart as I gaze into the heavens where our love first got it's start. The images cast are fascinating by taking simple pleasures and bringing life to the dreams. I start the day with you,
yes! that is my kiss upon your lips and holding your hand in mine I promise not to loosen my grip. The sky is always bluer and there is sunshine everyday and it's because of you my love that happiness never fades.

I take you with me, I hold you in my heart as I gaze into the heavens where our love first got it's start. You're there in the night on a dark and stormy eve and again in the morning with new possibilities. My days are all so special like a cloudless sky of blue, because I know no matter what you are doing, you're here to see me through. I can feel the love you give to me, it leads me through the darkness and makes life feel like the first warm day of spring. 

I take you with me , I hold you in my heart as I gaze into the heavens where our love first got it's start. You make the world seem special and that is not make believe, the magic of life is when you are here beside me. There is blue birds in the morning and love birds at night and peace within me that make everything feel right. You're the magic of the moment and that my love is true, no matter what life's plan you are a part of everything I do.

next to and when the stars take to sky,

Thunder and lighting control the sky,
no rainbows or sunshine nor stars
in sight.

Cool is the evening and scary at best
as the heart trembles at the storm
like mess.

Yesterdays stories fade in the blue,
of the trials and tribulations of
a life I once knew.

Gathering wild mushrooms a bucket or two,
and I washed and sauteed more then a few.
Wine and sweet butter a delicate taste,
of the gifts of nature from the warmth and
the rain.

My mind kept straying, it remembered the day,
the very first moment you found your way.
There were rainbows each morning, stars
shining bright in the mystical glimpse
of the moon shining shining both day
and night.

Chills setting in and I don't know why,
it is not that I am cold or having
anything to hide. Lost in the moment
where sorrow once reigned now replaced
with the game of the day.


... to know you is to love you. Once spoken
during the meeting of souls.

They say be careful what you sign and take the time to read,before crossing all your T's and dotting all the I's. I don't need a contract to say what you mean to me,you are at the center of my world and my everything.

My heart is not for the giving nor for anyone to take, It was yours from the beginning and something's never change. It's a matter of finding where you were and letting our hearts go so they would meet up and gently merge.

Trust is something you just don't go out and buy, it comes from sharing the truth revealed from deep down inside. Whispers of a lifetime of a sweet love set free, heard from the angels singing up above the mountain of trees.

I know all is possible , the warmth of your love,the magic of a smile, it is what I truly feel when I am with that special person who makes my heart go wow! . Like sunshine on a winter day or a snowflake in the month of May, that is how I feel when I'm there with you.

I can't give away, what is already yours,though the journey has been long, my heart and soul has always been your forevermore.You can see it in the sky on a dark and clear night and early in the morning before the sun has yet to rise.

I am just one breath away and if you close your eyes you'll find, that I am in your arms each moment of the day. Every waken thought and in each dream released at night all contain the images of you and I holding each other tight.

When I think of you, all is as it should be...
and I feel the embrace of love.

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