Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Holding on to a broken vine...

I cannot separate the heavens, nor cut it from this earth, for we are born of star dust and placed to grow upon the soil from the beginning of our birth. Greet the sunshine in the morning, the moonlight in the night, and bless the quintessential moment that two souls bond with delight. I control the raindrops, you control the fire and pure is the essence between us that is truly love inspired.

The beginning of a story and end of a chapter.. 
the balance of living life and experiencing death. 

I am earth the elements pure, the wind does not whisper and neither does it roar. It moves the oceans, brings life to the trees in the dance on the mountain through the newly birthed leaves.  The rain does its calling it awakes from inside the restlessness emotions, where we live and we die.

Quiver not my spirit,the rain will come and go
and wash away the darkness and leave a
blanket of spring time snow.

The catkins are quickly fading, the willow told its tale 
and in its place are now leaves of green to cast the seasons spell. 

My soul does all the talking,my heart it cries so, 

for simple is the request of love,

like a crocus through

the snow.

To live and love as I stroll the earth under
the approval of the celestial heavens. 

I closed my eyes in fear I would see 
and then my heart spoke out to me.
battle fiercely,hold on tight, love
and joy,are close in sight. 
Holding on to a broken vine, can't climb , can't swing, fell and cried. The wind laughed and the sun sneered and soon the dark of night was near. My head  hit the rock and the varied stone, paralyzed I couldn't go,  tears fell and I yelled hello, but who would hear the silent moans. Leaves formed a bed from years gone by, some were rotted and others were fine. Holding on to a broken vine, all that is in sight, haunts the mind. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


A good mentor once told me" that in order to maintain strength and diligence one must be around strong and positive people, for the negative will drain us surely as a short in  the wiring will drain a battery taking all the positive charge and grounding it into the frame of the vehicle." When I heard the song " Your Raise Me Up" I thought about this lesson that I have carried with me, " that we absorb energy and strength from the positive and that indeed the negative energy holds us back.
Over the weekend many stories are shared between women, which provides us with a view of the wide range of  our trials and the tribulations that we are all placed in.Yes, some are more or less extreme than the others, but equally important to the person who needs to accept and rise above.
As I was reading the letters from my own mentor sent many years back, I must admit that I almost didn't relate to the woman who responded to the letters. I grew and  I am growing as we must all be and yet I found these important lessons from this great mentor to be as valuable now as they were the first time I heard them. I rejoice not in that I had to experience the negativity but that with hope, faith and determination we can and do rise above.
The world as we do seeks balance, for even mother nature if given her own way will self-destruct. How we go about finding this balance which is crucial to our well being, depends on our willingness to see and accept the gifts of life. If we anchor to a particular place in time we find that we no longer challenge ourselves and therefore we become stagnant with the failure to grow. Our abilities to grow, ultimately depend on our willingness, timing and the places in which we place ourselves.
With winter now behind us and the days longer, I find myself eager to both review the past and the present , strain through and retain the positive so that I may move forward. I had not been able to sleep for a few days my mind busy digesting the weekend and trying to bring some peace and direction to the moment. As I sit here thinking about the messages that are heard but not necessarily spoken, I find that my wants and my needs surface and are eager to be acknowledged. I placed my hand first upon my lips and I allowed myself to explore my own body. Slowly lips to cheek, gently down my neck and then I allowed it to arrest upon my heart. It is not in the action or the speed in which we explore but the ability to pick up on the energy, for each experience we encounter becomes a part of th we or  us.  Taking a deep breath and slowly exhaling, no tears  are to be found and yet an exhaustion seems to have brought me down off of the clouds.

 I am determined to find that place where
 my soul will no longer be restless, and
where I will fall without fear into the arms
 of comfort, respect and knowledge. 

Allow my heart the sight,  my soul the will and
 my spirit the passion to follow the path and 
journey forward. I believe that everything is 
possible and that love does indeed prevail.

you raise me up - josh groban with lyrics

Monday, March 28, 2011

Allow My Love to Hold You Through the Dark of Night

Love is an immeasurable amount of energy,
that simply awaits to be tapped.  

It has been said "that a blind man can see with his hands and a "deaf person hears through vibration", if that is so than a person in love can see via the heart and feel and touch through the soul. The importance of touch is so crucial, we all crave it in one form or another. Sometimes it is as simple as a hug, holding hands, an embrace, and more dramatic is that of a kiss or the sharing of the heart, but also we can be touched by the magic of words in the sharing of life. The positive impact can be everlasting and rewarding in ways that lead us down the path of dreams in  the hope of an even  more beautiful tomorrow.
I find that the common bond or the similarity of souls can open up a moment of dialog, which reveals that the stories and the characters have less to do with  a positive connection and more to do with similar values,emotions and our ability to relate, acknowledge and empathize with a kindred soul. My own ability might be a bit on the sensitive side, can pick up both positive and negative energy of even strangers in a room. Call it intuition, vibes or Karma, or maybe the gut instinct, but it reveals much about the people around us.
I must be on a second wind today and I find myself not being able to relax and so as I find this obsession with writing to soothe my soul, to connect my spirit in a positive way and to also open to direct my soul into a direction of peace.

If I had my say and my wishes all came true,
I'd feel your arms around me, as we gaze unto the blue.
Those simple pleasures that always come to mind, like
walking along the river , while time swiftly passes by.

If you could allow your heart to view my every dream,
you would see how wonderful life could truly be.
Unlock the gate leading to your soul, so that I could
feel the touch and allow your arms to hold.

If I had my way I cast upon the sea, a ship to sail
in your direction and bring your love to me.
It would chase away the darkness, rid the life of
fear and place a smile upon my face that can be
seen from ear to ear.


Just open up your eye and see me waiting here for you,
open up your heart and let my love shine through.

Just take my hand and follow me, allow your the
ability to soar side by side with me.

Just believe that all is possible, that tomorrow is
waiting for you and I.

Just hold me for a moment, for an hour for
day or for the rest of your life.

... for the rest of your life.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Same Stars, Same Moon

My daughter and I had a mother and daughter day out. It was special day for many reasons and we seem to relate and connect to each other on many levels. But as I shared a bit of my dreams with her and my thoughts on life and love, she smiled , she giggled and she hugged me and at that moment she said " Same stars, same moon"Nothing can distance true love as it is as close as the breath we take and when you gaze at night into the dark of sky it becomes apparent how close we really are "  same stars, same moon"

Taste the sweetness of my love tender against your lips,
pull me ever closer until my heart to yours creates an eclipse.
It is not about justifying my love for you, but acknowledging
that our love can really make all our dreams come true.

Everyday I'll record my love  and script it to the heavens
the words of my love true. I'll never ever let the feelings
fade , for they became eternal as I share my world with you.

Same stars, same moon,
and the distance fades.

Same stars, same moon
each and every day.

Same stars, same moon
brings you near.

Same stars, same moon
and I can feel you here.

Two hearts as one,
when I fell in love...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Calm Before the Storm

There is a silence in the hollow that even the song birds can't remove. I tried playing music but it always comes back to you. The sun is shining and still darkness can be found, as I sit here dreaming wish you were around.

Sings>Songs that teach you to sing,
encourage you to dance also
make you mine.

Dreams which allow you to feel,

and share in the day also make
you mine.

The Way You Look Tonight - Fred Astaire (Swing Time, 1936)

The soul dances to the memories...

Goodbyes are never easy and for some people they even become an impossible feat, to cut off the strings of emotion and move forward. In many ways everything we have experienced becomes apart of who we are and so we never truly remove those memories from our very own character.

Love it only works when both parties involved love with the same degree of passion, the scale cannot tip more heavily to one side or another. The moment two come together is when emotions rise so very high and the fire which burns creates a firework display of passion

Faith and hope and the desire to simply put words to music allows the child within in us to dream and believe and never give up. The dance on the clouds is simply a metaphor for the dance of dreams that we all embrace.

Each song is an expression of the artist who brings it to life, but to the person or persons who make them their own, they become a unique one of a kind experience.
As I find myself caught up in work and yet dreaming,I reach out and I pull you so very close, close that you can feel the love WEBOMH.

Sometimes I feel as close to death as I do to life and as I try to separate the emotions that explore the territory of each, I find myself torn between the both. One is equal to giving up an giving in and bringing closure and the other keeps me pushing and believing that all is possible with just a little faith. I was going to post the full twelve calendar ... but I thought limit it to the few with the greatest impact.

Fear it is a crazy emotion that can stop you from living your life completely, it can create unseen barriers and make life feel impossible. So as I play each song, in my heart and in my mind and deep down in my soul, I feel your love,your emotions holding me, embracing my spirit and my joy for life. Don't look down you might get dizzy and don't go to close to the end of the cloud you might fall off, but if your willing, I'll hold you close and we will "dance on clouds. "
They say infatuation fades, but that love last forever,
"put your head on my shoulder" I love you.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Povestea noastra-Directia 5

It is amazing what brings a soul back to life. In all reality I believe in kindred spirits, in the common bond of not so common souls.

Monday, March 21, 2011

I Celebrate the reuniting of Souls

The soul mirrors its own reflection...
If souls are the mass of energy which unites us,
the heart is the vessel in which it passes.

It is not what the eyes see that is so appealing,

but the view by the heart that stirs all emotion.


I once stood atop a mountain,
there is something Godly about touching the 
sky from the highest point.

March 21st - First day of spring

Here was heaven and it was glorious indeed,
the hills surrounding and only sounds of the
flow of the stream.

Like chapters in a book the pages turned
and I could  not forget what caused my
 soul to ignite in flame and then burn.

Battling the darkness, I won't look
behind, I am gearing up for the the future
and the road that is yours and mine.

If this life indeed be the lessons, do we
cease to learn?I no longer want on this
road, where hell  has had its share of turns.

I feel one with the river and one with the sea,
the mountains and the blue sky and one with
the dream.

Upon the rocks my body I lay and caught
in a spell  my heart quickly relayed.

Possibly what I am feeling is the magic of you,
like day of  an awakening where dreams do
come true.

The heart is like the earth layered from days of old
and though we try to forget the memories still unfold. 

My emotions today are that of

a kaleidoscope, constantly changing. 

I gave up, I woke up,
I tried, I survived...
I scream in silence, does anyone hear me?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Joy of Loving You

The reflection of one heart within another,
reveals the mystical bonding of souls.

The gift is a simple treasure
not of the usual silver and gold,
but more valuable than the rarest
gems as from the heart it unfolds.

The rearranging of common words,
in a not so common way and there
is where the indulgence lies in a
gift giving to me today.

There is no doubt that spring will come and
to winter we will say goodbye and to the
dark the sun will rise and in my heart and
through my soul you'll find no great divide.

Happiness is our connection, friendship the
bond that stays, and love and respect like
the flowers of spring will bloom day by
The Joy of Loving You

I asked the Lord for Peace
and he gave me memories
and the experiences of
both old and new.

Dreams of yesterday,
now a story make and
in this chapter are both
skies of gray and blue.

I asked the Lord for Love,
he sent you from up above
and the day begins a new,
with the joy of loving you.

There will be no sorrow
nor heartache with you,
for you are the one that
gave the sky its blue.

Be brave and smile,
tomorrow awaits and
I'll be there from night fall
in your arms to wake.

There is a comfort with you that I can't quite explain,
something so magical that I feel a bit silly and insane.
The river flows in one direction, like my love for
you, over the hills and through valley directly to you.

There is rhythm to my heart as it beats louder with the day,
giving meaning to this life in a most  unusual way.
The sounds overwhelming when I think of you, Oh! it is just
my hearts way of saying how much I love you.

There is a comfort with you that I can't quite explain,
something so magical that I feel a bit silly and insane.
The river flows in one direction, like my love for you,
over the hills and through the way directly to you.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Let Me Be Your Angel

Place your hand in mine,
and explore the blue sky,
open up your heart and
free your troubled mind.

The heavens our playground,
the stars await you and I,
place your hand in mine
and explore the blue sky.

Let me be your angel,
place your trust in me,
and I will always love
you for all eternity.


Loves Embrace

Climbing a mountain, 
swimming in the sea, 
on the sandy shores,
or in your dreams.

Early in the morning,
or late at night, 
 my arms are around 
 you holding you tight.  

Climbing a mountain,
swimming in the sea,
on the sandy shores, 
or in your dreams.

The moment is taken,
forever yours and mine,
and the joy that you feel,
is ours souls entwined.

Climbing a mountain, 
swimming in the sea, 
on the sandy shores,
or in your dreams.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Forsythia and Daffodils

I can almost see the golden gifts of sunshine,
the flowers yellow blooming along the road.
The scent like heaven is a memory reminder,
with what the first signs of spring can really do. 

The Lord showers his gifts down upon us,
he gave us strength to see the winter through
and now we stand in celebration of a day
where faith and hope is about renewal.
The art of imagery is the ability to allow one
heart a view through the heart of another.


My Heart A Rainbow

It has been said " when a person falls in love, the world takes on a different view". The sky is bluer, the sun brighter and in our darkest hour hope prevails. I have many times spoken of an unseen energy that is shared between kindred spirits or souls with a common bond. So powerful is this energy which is capable of uniting souls, entering a heart and breathing life into the moment.
Gaze out from the mountains, look down deep into the sea or simply watch the blue bird high and flying free. Recognize the moment, don't let it pass you by, there is something awful special about the blue of the sky.The earth and the heavens agree and comply, harmony is when your soul is here with mine. Pursue your passion and you will soon see that in my arms is where you were always meant to be.
Close your eyes and in the darkness you will see, entwining hearts that bring you to your knees. Follow the dreams and there you will fine, that nothing can stop what flows from deep inside. Love is as beautiful and wonderful as can be, it brought you to me.

My heart a rainbow for everyone to see, 
not only does it bridge the distance,it 
joins our hearts through the dreams. 

Filled with many colors in every shade
and hue and flows with love to unite
soul to soul under the blue. 

Shades of gold that light the way, 
daisy's in a field that remind us 
of the joy of summer days. 

The magic increases with shades
of green, like a carpet of spring 
time grass and leaves upon the trees. 

Blue as the sky above, precious
to me, the dance of happiness
is where we are free.

Creating a paradise of our forevermore,
in this dreams of ours there is no 
keeping score.
My heart a rainbow for everyone to see, 
not only does it bridge the distance,it 
joins our hearts through the dreams.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Key to my heart

I hunger to fill the void within.

We cannot change the path of the road previously traveled, 
but if we listen to our heart and follow the soul we 
shall move forward in the right direction. 


Take a little kindling,build a little fire,
 add a little happiness and  watch the blaze go higher.
 Keep the flames going with passion and desire,
 fill it with  faith and trust and watch our love transpire.

Respect reveals the beauty in everything we do,
as I believe it's possible to make our dreams come true.
My heart quivers from the mere thought of loving you,
as long as eternity exist, I'll be there and  loving you.

Silly Little Love Songs

I'll be singing songs for you, whispering a word or two,
telling just what you mean to me and how much I love you.

I'll be dreaming you here with me, in my arms is where you
were always meant to be.

Da, da, da , dee, dee, dee humming those silly sounds, I
just know that I have a glow, when you are here with me.

Sings>Can you see the windows in the mountains
and can you open up the doorway to my heart?
I'm  patiently waiting here for you, because
you're the one with the key to my heart.

Can you see the windows in the mountains
and can you open up the doorway to my heart?
Love is what I have for you my darling ,with
enough sunshine to remove all signs of the dark.

Can you see the windows in the mountains
and can you open up the doorway to my heart?
I'm  patiently waiting here for you, because
you're the one with the key to my heart.

Because you're the one with the key to
my heart...

The Introduction to the merging of souls

What distance builds, 
love tears down.

The dreams which captured the images of your 
being reminded me that love is our very existence. 

  My desire is to script upon the heavens,
my promise of eternal love.

Are we a victim of circumstance
or the prelude to fate?

 So precious is life and yet so vulnerable, 
like the wind which can change direction at any given moment. 


The masque of darkness blinds the eyes, 

but it is through the heart that we are given sight.

I feel compelled to write the words of love...

Limited time , unlimited love!
Take my hand, my heart is yours!

You cannot disregard the power of Mother nature

for she releases her fury when we least expect it.

Nat King Cole In Other Words (Fly Me To The Moon)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

All so Inspiring...when I dream you next to me.

Sweet love,
sweet happiness,
sweet dreams of mine,
cast you the lead, as the
King and I.

Sweet love,
sweet happiness,
sweet dreams of mine,
in your embrace , there
is no sign of time.
Through your eyes I see the world
as you would have it seen.

Through your heart I feel the
warmth that you instill  in me.

Through your soul I get a
glimpse of what love truly means.

Through the day I quiver as
I think of you with me.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Laughter is the Best Medicine

I'll be your doctor when you are sad and blue,
pack my love in a kiss and send it off to you. 
I'll add some laughter and the joy of memory,
and place it in a hug directly to you from me. 

I'll be there to hold you from morning till night 
like the stars in the heavens shining bright. 
I'll give you my compassion and wipe your brow
and leave a few more kisses until I see your smile. 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I believe in dreams

It is not what I see, 
but what I feel and thus
the tenderness of your touch 
has once again broken down 
the barriers of time and place.
There are somethings in life that are unexplainable , we don't always have the answer like we were taught in grade three. We don't know the when, the where or the why and that my friend is life's greatest surprise. 

Where we are going and what we will find,
is not as important as the love that is inside,
When you feel it like the wind against your 
cheek, you'll know that you have experienced,
what once only dreams could bring. 

Hold my hand, leave a kiss and you will see
that time has no baring on eternity. 

Good morning sunshine! I'm happy as can be, I have this love that lives within me. The gifts are a treasure  and grateful am I , for I was given hope and love on the clouds of the blue sky.   Good morning sunshine! there is a smile on my face from the moment I woke up ,from the dreams that midnight put in place. Good morning sunshine! we are one more day closer to spring and  I dance in celebration as I wake up from my dreams.

I believe in dreams,I believe in love,
I believe in the sky blue and I believe in you.
There will be days when the grains of sand, 
will sift through your toes and fall from your  hands,
How many or how little I do not know but one 
thing I am certain of eternity already knows. 

Our souls will pass with sorrow and glee from 
the trials of life to leave sweet memories.
It will be left on the tongues of young and old,
of the magic of life and the love of you and I

Go slow and enjoy the wind upon your cheek,
as it first brushed against my lips to bring to you my kiss.
... it is there that you may rest in my arms, 
embrace my love and dance with my soul.

Attraction leads you in the right direction,
but it is love and passion that keep you there. 

So sweet the nectar, so heavenly the dream,
so magical the moment that sent your love to me.
Compassion is neither empathy nor sympathy but the willingness to allow
your soul to step inside the heart of another to understand their plight.
The depth in which one is willing to travel and embrace love
is dependent upon their ability to dance upon the heavens.

Our wants and needs are much simpler than anyone could ever realize, 
for love is not the action of words but the magic of touch. 
There is an energy that can be felt within a simple touch. 
Love is unique in that it has no barriers. 

As the rain adds to the already swollen stream,
I stand mesmerized of the power nature has
upon the moment, like your love which tickles
my imagination as it flows through the soul
uniting our hearts.

I held the emotions deep inside, I had to
release them I had to cry. Driving through
the thunder and storm of the day, there
was no dividing the tears from the rain.

They were not of sadness nor sign of the
gray, the tears that flowed were soul
released in a powerful way. Freeing
my spirit, releasing my love, to find
the comfort of that special one.

I shall rest my weary soul, and hold my pillow tight 
and if you close your eyes my love, you'll meet in our
dreams tonight. 

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

We Five - You Were On My Mind (Shindig - Dec. 2, 1965)

I dare not open up my eyes, for there in the darkness I see, the closeness of your spirit, with  your body merging into one with me. Your love feeds the hunger of my most restless soul and as I continue the dream, I find my heart  begging for more. The wind crisp and cool snaps letter by letter your name and the song bird in the beginning of migration sings of love upon his return. Lost in the moment I gaze upon the rolling hills and somehow there is no distance as my heart removes the shield. Magical like the woodland nymph who very few can see our love is everywhere but only viewed by those who dare to dream.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Love... gives the world a whole new look.

With you in my arms nothing else matters,
with you in my heart..everything matters!

Just a dream away...


 When the angels sing their sweet lullaby,
I'll be in your arms for the rest of the night.

Love with passion
is like fire with oxygen,
 it blazes uncontrollably. 

... and as I watched the sun rise,
knowing that you were also watching the sun rise, I
felt the closeness of our beings as the barriers of life faded into the blue of the sky.


So great a love that even eternity shall whisper our names.

Love is the caring of souls.
My heart accepted what my soul already knew,
we didn't meet upon that first hello, we
reunited both heart and soul.


Poetry is merely the souls response to life.

It is amazing how you can move a few words around and they have a whole new meaning. The combination of words are an endless way to express the emotions that surface from the magic of love.

Weep No More

It is by the request of my soul that the words of love are recorded and stored like the finest of love songs seared and branded with your name upon my heart. No time shall erase the script that wrote you as the other half of my soul to live for all eternity as one and with more power than the Gods that directed our path. The dreams are but a gateway to overcome the distance of mountains, the depth of the seas and the pain that dares to destroy our embrace. The many tears which wash away the evils of the past also clear away for our tomorrow. It is with my deepest and most passionate wish to be cast upon the heavens like the stars that rule the night, forging one soul within another. May those who look upon the night sky view what no one has ever set their eyes upon. For you my love are both heaven and earth and as the they unite. our love will be placed on display in accordance to the laws of love.

To love as I am loved ,to rejoice that our hearts are one and feel the blessing of the heavens as I succumb to the moment. That which shares in such beauty also bares the pain of a thousand days lost to the wind. I shall not weep for that which cannot be seen but rejoice in the mystical celebration of love.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Let's Fall In Love

I don't think I can find the version that I want. So I thought hmmm well maybe it's okay if I sing it to you while we dance. Sings> Let's fall in love, why shouldn't we fall in love. Our hearts are made of it our hearts are made of it , let's take a chance. Let's make our own paradise... yeah yeah Let's fall in love, why shouldn't we fall in love, let's fall in love.

Tony Bennett - Let's Fall In Love

Do you know when you have that song stuck in your head and you just can't shake it. Well this is one of those songs that just lol won't go away.So I thought hmm what a cool song to end the evening with.

So this is where you take the lead, pull me really close. Whisper in my ear and those teasing kisses on the neck. Omg I think this is our cloud, takes your hand and steps aboard. I love you ILUMTUWEK WEBOMH

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Angel Love, Angel Sweet

It is as if I stay here long and enough and continue to write that I am somehow closer to you. Soft and romantic music playing in the background and the candle flame dancing shadows upon the wall. As I wiped each tear gently from my cheek I reviewed the past, stood strong in the face of the present storm and dreamed of tomorrow. For every tear I wiped away another one took its place.
Christians call it purgatory and then others who see it as a limbo, but I think our heaven and hell are acted out right here on earth. To lead me love and distance it from me is a pain that cannot be described. I can no longer imagine your heartbeat or the sound of your voice whispering words of love. To kill the spirit is to imprison the soul. My flesh trembles at thought of my head upon your chest listening to the beat of your heart.As I close my eyes and the clouds move in I once more dance in your most wonderful embrace. If ever I needed to be held hold me now, if ever I need to be loved, love me now, If ever there was away to bridge the distance build it now, if this be a dream don't wake me as long as I am in your arms.

Hold me,
Love me,
Kiss me,
Dream with me.

What makes a moment special? I believe that love makes any moment, time or place special. As I thought about the old adage " when it rains it pours" and I again thought about my own survival and the places that I find to be the most sense of peace. Sometimes it is merely physical contact and the desire to give and receive love. Laying one hand upon the flesh, a gentle massage anything and everything that comes with pleasing one another. The need to be loved and to love are essential part of our well being. I found that I learned to runaway through many a means. Open your arms, I am on my way.

Close your eyes and I'll be there,
I promise to love you and always care.
Your heart is always right here next
to me, to live and and love for eternity.

Close your eyes and feel my kiss,
the warmth of love from lips to lips.
My arms open to tenderly embrace in
the dreams of love where we are face to face

 I spent a little time outdoors yesterday and I covered territory that I had done so many times before. I thought of our stance in the ecological chain. Animals and birds went about foraging for food and shelter and then of course comes man. I like to believe that we have a greater purpose on earth and yet as I look at the world I see the great dysfunction created by man. As I thought of  my own individual journey it was apparent that it mattered little where we came from or how we developed but what do we do with this power that separates from all other living creatures.The missing equation  is what we do with the ability that we have been granted as being human and on what road we will personally choose to travel. I think the thought process came about as I read various biographies on the financially successful and those who make an obvious indention in the written book of history. But it also maybe look deeper into my own experiences, as I tried to alter the reality of what is, I found myself understanding the importance of a moment in time.
There are many roads leading in various directions. We are all given a choice on whether we turn left or right or struggle up over the hill. It was obvious as I found myself caught in this train of thought that nothing was by chance and yet I still found myself confused with each page that formed the chapters of my life. I wanted the why instead of realizing that the why mattered very little. Life is filled with ongoing lessons and we are the student caught with the boundaries of time. Throughout the year I myself am crossing many a bridge, not knowing where it will lead. Sometimes it reminds me of the old video game pitfall, where you run, jump and duck to avoid the pitfalls of life.So where does this rambling lead? Laughing the movie " It's a wonderful life" came to mind and that is because of a few things that happen yesterday. One was a sibling said for the first time in over fifty years" I love you" and the other was a walk I had in the woods in which I taught my son to pitch a pine tree and on his first cut he looked at me and he said " I wish you had a camera, do you see it ?" His cut looked like a heart cut into the tree. Sometimes it is a cloud, a rock, the streams path or at this particular moment a cut in a tree that reminded him of the love all around us. Sometimes more than sometimes we are overwhelmed by the negativity that is like a pitfall game set in front of us and which forms barriers that make the journey difficult. What removes them ? In general our mind can create the largest wall and yet it holds all the answers to not only remove the barriers but create new paths. Why isn't it all documented? why can't we just pick up a book and find the answers? It is rather simple because no matter how similar we are our individual stories are all so different. The answers are always there we just have to be willing to accept them and allow them to guide us forward.
Every child in a family will see life differently and that is because it is different for each individual. I am still trying to find out what roads are the correct ones or maybe there are no correct or wrongs ones, just different experiences. I always wanted the road with the smooth ride, but shallow is a person who has yet to understand the adage " to walk a mile in my shoes. " Over the years I found myself trying to escape the negativity and also trying to hold on to a passage of time that had blown away like petal in the wind.

I know not what my journey nor where it shall lead, 
but I place my trust and faith in Love and promise
each day to share my heart felt sense of joy. 

I am here today, holding your hand,
as we journey through the day
meeting life's demands.

There are days of sorrow and
many more of joy and as I
whisper of love there are many
more to enjoy.

Angel love, angel sweet,
sweeps me off my feet.
I just want you to know,
I am walking through life
with my eyes closed.

Hold still the moment,
don't wake me from
my dream, I am with
you and in my favorite

issing and hugging
and loving you so,
that is why I'll never
let you go.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011


I gave into the darkness, I let it have its way,
couldn't see beyond the mountains nor those
dark clouds of gray.

But with you there are no exceptions, you
reached out with your love and you held
me so close from the heavens above.

Warm and understanding, no words
need we share, as the magic of our
friendships is that you truly care.


Little bits of sunshine and a little bit of rain,
and there surfaces the rainbow that I slide
on down to you each day.

Little bits of laughter and some sadness
through the day, all disappear when in
your arms I lay.


Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Much More Beautiful...mia amore!

For many people life is a balance of work and the rewards that follow. It is one of the most commonly asked questions" what do you do for fun?" Ten years ago I would probably have answered that question a little different than today. Work is both a means of survival and in itself a reward. There are many aspects of business that I find enjoyable. It depends on which part of me you are speaking with. I would think my ego enjoys the attention when attending the trade shows and yet it is also a sense of pride. I am not selling someone's work, I am selling a part of my soul. The child in me likes the developing of products, I so related to it at such a very young age. Plants and trees, flowers and shrubs of all sorts were and are second nature to me, so it was a very easy transition from gardening to exploring the uses of herbs. There is the stimulation to the mind, the passion which comes from deep within the heart and the dreams that are somehow sowed from the core of the soul.
As I step beyond the difficulties that have surfaced, I realize that it is a fine combination of seeing within the soul and through the magic of the blue. What made today any different than the day before?

I saw the Carolina Wren
and at the feeder she fed
and for one moment
I looked away as the
darkness was shed.

It was the world around me,
destruction and despair and
yet I knew we would rise
above it, because you
dared to care.

Sometimes it is simple like
a hello or goodnight and
other times it's more
involved like the brightest
guiding light.

My heart is but a window to our undying love,
entwined with warmth and happiness, more 
beautiful than the heavens above. 

Love is Forever

The beauty of a rose, a field of wheat in the
wind are just a time of passage that soon
will come to an end.

The sun may not be forever, the stars may
sizzle and die, but our love is enduring
and is eternally yours and mine.

In our hands we hold memorabilia,
in our mind sweet memories, but what
we hold in our hearts no one can
possess but thee.

Some will spend endless days searching
for the treasures they will never find for little
do they know where the jewel of love resides.

It is not about power nor spent energy on control,
the possession that is most precious is the one the
heart holds.

Limited to many for they know not where to look,
if only they had freed their soul they would have

crossed the endless brook.

The bridge is always there for those who dare to
cross and it leads from one heart to another on
the journey where love is boss.

Some have tried to measure, others to contain,
but the riches shared from one to the other
puts the gems of earth to shame.

 ...because you love me.

March 1st

The power of a hug,
the passion in a kiss,
the joy of laughter
a day filled with bliss.
Sometimes the darkness is unavoidable and the madness seems to restrain, that is when I glance into the heavens and allow my soul to runaway. High above the mountains, beyond the deepest sea, directly into your arms where winter becomes a day like spring. Warm like the sun rays beating down upon my face and as magical as a crocus whose bloom looks a little out of place. From thunder and lightening, to snowflakes falling to the ground, you are always there to comfort no matter what what storms can be found.
Stay strong, stand tall, weep no tears today,
for as cliche as it sounds  " if there is a will,
there is a way"

Spinning around in circles lost and far away,
what direction do I go, do I run or do I stay?

The child in me is leery, the woman afraid,
but deep down in my soul I truly know the way.

The month of birthdays,
the memory full of lies,
and yet it holds opportunties,
if only we dare to try.

The road is over grown with brier,
and a little work we need, to cut
through the thicket, to see just
where it leads.