Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
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Monday, March 21, 2011

March 21st - First day of spring

Here was heaven and it was glorious indeed,
the hills surrounding and only sounds of the
flow of the stream.

Like chapters in a book the pages turned
and I could  not forget what caused my
 soul to ignite in flame and then burn.

Battling the darkness, I won't look
behind, I am gearing up for the the future
and the road that is yours and mine.

If this life indeed be the lessons, do we
cease to learn?I no longer want on this
road, where hell  has had its share of turns.

I feel one with the river and one with the sea,
the mountains and the blue sky and one with
the dream.

Upon the rocks my body I lay and caught
in a spell  my heart quickly relayed.

Possibly what I am feeling is the magic of you,
like day of  an awakening where dreams do
come true.

The heart is like the earth layered from days of old
and though we try to forget the memories still unfold. 

My emotions today are that of

a kaleidoscope, constantly changing. 

I gave up, I woke up,
I tried, I survived...
I scream in silence, does anyone hear me?

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