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Friday, March 25, 2011

Same Stars, Same Moon

My daughter and I had a mother and daughter day out. It was special day for many reasons and we seem to relate and connect to each other on many levels. But as I shared a bit of my dreams with her and my thoughts on life and love, she smiled , she giggled and she hugged me and at that moment she said " Same stars, same moon"Nothing can distance true love as it is as close as the breath we take and when you gaze at night into the dark of sky it becomes apparent how close we really are "  same stars, same moon"

Taste the sweetness of my love tender against your lips,
pull me ever closer until my heart to yours creates an eclipse.
It is not about justifying my love for you, but acknowledging
that our love can really make all our dreams come true.

Everyday I'll record my love  and script it to the heavens
the words of my love true. I'll never ever let the feelings
fade , for they became eternal as I share my world with you.

Same stars, same moon,
and the distance fades.

Same stars, same moon
each and every day.

Same stars, same moon
brings you near.

Same stars, same moon
and I can feel you here.

Two hearts as one,
when I fell in love...

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