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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, March 28, 2011

Allow My Love to Hold You Through the Dark of Night

Love is an immeasurable amount of energy,
that simply awaits to be tapped.  

It has been said "that a blind man can see with his hands and a "deaf person hears through vibration", if that is so than a person in love can see via the heart and feel and touch through the soul. The importance of touch is so crucial, we all crave it in one form or another. Sometimes it is as simple as a hug, holding hands, an embrace, and more dramatic is that of a kiss or the sharing of the heart, but also we can be touched by the magic of words in the sharing of life. The positive impact can be everlasting and rewarding in ways that lead us down the path of dreams in  the hope of an even  more beautiful tomorrow.
I find that the common bond or the similarity of souls can open up a moment of dialog, which reveals that the stories and the characters have less to do with  a positive connection and more to do with similar values,emotions and our ability to relate, acknowledge and empathize with a kindred soul. My own ability might be a bit on the sensitive side, can pick up both positive and negative energy of even strangers in a room. Call it intuition, vibes or Karma, or maybe the gut instinct, but it reveals much about the people around us.
I must be on a second wind today and I find myself not being able to relax and so as I find this obsession with writing to soothe my soul, to connect my spirit in a positive way and to also open to direct my soul into a direction of peace.

If I had my say and my wishes all came true,
I'd feel your arms around me, as we gaze unto the blue.
Those simple pleasures that always come to mind, like
walking along the river , while time swiftly passes by.

If you could allow your heart to view my every dream,
you would see how wonderful life could truly be.
Unlock the gate leading to your soul, so that I could
feel the touch and allow your arms to hold.

If I had my way I cast upon the sea, a ship to sail
in your direction and bring your love to me.
It would chase away the darkness, rid the life of
fear and place a smile upon my face that can be
seen from ear to ear.


Just open up your eye and see me waiting here for you,
open up your heart and let my love shine through.

Just take my hand and follow me, allow your the
ability to soar side by side with me.

Just believe that all is possible, that tomorrow is
waiting for you and I.

Just hold me for a moment, for an hour for
day or for the rest of your life.

... for the rest of your life.

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