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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Much More Beautiful...mia amore!

For many people life is a balance of work and the rewards that follow. It is one of the most commonly asked questions" what do you do for fun?" Ten years ago I would probably have answered that question a little different than today. Work is both a means of survival and in itself a reward. There are many aspects of business that I find enjoyable. It depends on which part of me you are speaking with. I would think my ego enjoys the attention when attending the trade shows and yet it is also a sense of pride. I am not selling someone's work, I am selling a part of my soul. The child in me likes the developing of products, I so related to it at such a very young age. Plants and trees, flowers and shrubs of all sorts were and are second nature to me, so it was a very easy transition from gardening to exploring the uses of herbs. There is the stimulation to the mind, the passion which comes from deep within the heart and the dreams that are somehow sowed from the core of the soul.
As I step beyond the difficulties that have surfaced, I realize that it is a fine combination of seeing within the soul and through the magic of the blue. What made today any different than the day before?

I saw the Carolina Wren
and at the feeder she fed
and for one moment
I looked away as the
darkness was shed.

It was the world around me,
destruction and despair and
yet I knew we would rise
above it, because you
dared to care.

Sometimes it is simple like
a hello or goodnight and
other times it's more
involved like the brightest
guiding light.

My heart is but a window to our undying love,
entwined with warmth and happiness, more 
beautiful than the heavens above. 

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