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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Angel Love, Angel Sweet

It is as if I stay here long and enough and continue to write that I am somehow closer to you. Soft and romantic music playing in the background and the candle flame dancing shadows upon the wall. As I wiped each tear gently from my cheek I reviewed the past, stood strong in the face of the present storm and dreamed of tomorrow. For every tear I wiped away another one took its place.
Christians call it purgatory and then others who see it as a limbo, but I think our heaven and hell are acted out right here on earth. To lead me love and distance it from me is a pain that cannot be described. I can no longer imagine your heartbeat or the sound of your voice whispering words of love. To kill the spirit is to imprison the soul. My flesh trembles at thought of my head upon your chest listening to the beat of your heart.As I close my eyes and the clouds move in I once more dance in your most wonderful embrace. If ever I needed to be held hold me now, if ever I need to be loved, love me now, If ever there was away to bridge the distance build it now, if this be a dream don't wake me as long as I am in your arms.

Hold me,
Love me,
Kiss me,
Dream with me.

What makes a moment special? I believe that love makes any moment, time or place special. As I thought about the old adage " when it rains it pours" and I again thought about my own survival and the places that I find to be the most sense of peace. Sometimes it is merely physical contact and the desire to give and receive love. Laying one hand upon the flesh, a gentle massage anything and everything that comes with pleasing one another. The need to be loved and to love are essential part of our well being. I found that I learned to runaway through many a means. Open your arms, I am on my way.

Close your eyes and I'll be there,
I promise to love you and always care.
Your heart is always right here next
to me, to live and and love for eternity.

Close your eyes and feel my kiss,
the warmth of love from lips to lips.
My arms open to tenderly embrace in
the dreams of love where we are face to face

 I spent a little time outdoors yesterday and I covered territory that I had done so many times before. I thought of our stance in the ecological chain. Animals and birds went about foraging for food and shelter and then of course comes man. I like to believe that we have a greater purpose on earth and yet as I look at the world I see the great dysfunction created by man. As I thought of  my own individual journey it was apparent that it mattered little where we came from or how we developed but what do we do with this power that separates from all other living creatures.The missing equation  is what we do with the ability that we have been granted as being human and on what road we will personally choose to travel. I think the thought process came about as I read various biographies on the financially successful and those who make an obvious indention in the written book of history. But it also maybe look deeper into my own experiences, as I tried to alter the reality of what is, I found myself understanding the importance of a moment in time.
There are many roads leading in various directions. We are all given a choice on whether we turn left or right or struggle up over the hill. It was obvious as I found myself caught in this train of thought that nothing was by chance and yet I still found myself confused with each page that formed the chapters of my life. I wanted the why instead of realizing that the why mattered very little. Life is filled with ongoing lessons and we are the student caught with the boundaries of time. Throughout the year I myself am crossing many a bridge, not knowing where it will lead. Sometimes it reminds me of the old video game pitfall, where you run, jump and duck to avoid the pitfalls of life.So where does this rambling lead? Laughing the movie " It's a wonderful life" came to mind and that is because of a few things that happen yesterday. One was a sibling said for the first time in over fifty years" I love you" and the other was a walk I had in the woods in which I taught my son to pitch a pine tree and on his first cut he looked at me and he said " I wish you had a camera, do you see it ?" His cut looked like a heart cut into the tree. Sometimes it is a cloud, a rock, the streams path or at this particular moment a cut in a tree that reminded him of the love all around us. Sometimes more than sometimes we are overwhelmed by the negativity that is like a pitfall game set in front of us and which forms barriers that make the journey difficult. What removes them ? In general our mind can create the largest wall and yet it holds all the answers to not only remove the barriers but create new paths. Why isn't it all documented? why can't we just pick up a book and find the answers? It is rather simple because no matter how similar we are our individual stories are all so different. The answers are always there we just have to be willing to accept them and allow them to guide us forward.
Every child in a family will see life differently and that is because it is different for each individual. I am still trying to find out what roads are the correct ones or maybe there are no correct or wrongs ones, just different experiences. I always wanted the road with the smooth ride, but shallow is a person who has yet to understand the adage " to walk a mile in my shoes. " Over the years I found myself trying to escape the negativity and also trying to hold on to a passage of time that had blown away like petal in the wind.

I know not what my journey nor where it shall lead, 
but I place my trust and faith in Love and promise
each day to share my heart felt sense of joy. 

I am here today, holding your hand,
as we journey through the day
meeting life's demands.

There are days of sorrow and
many more of joy and as I
whisper of love there are many
more to enjoy.

Angel love, angel sweet,
sweeps me off my feet.
I just want you to know,
I am walking through life
with my eyes closed.

Hold still the moment,
don't wake me from
my dream, I am with
you and in my favorite

issing and hugging
and loving you so,
that is why I'll never
let you go.

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