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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Love is Forever

The beauty of a rose, a field of wheat in the
wind are just a time of passage that soon
will come to an end.

The sun may not be forever, the stars may
sizzle and die, but our love is enduring
and is eternally yours and mine.

In our hands we hold memorabilia,
in our mind sweet memories, but what
we hold in our hearts no one can
possess but thee.

Some will spend endless days searching
for the treasures they will never find for little
do they know where the jewel of love resides.

It is not about power nor spent energy on control,
the possession that is most precious is the one the
heart holds.

Limited to many for they know not where to look,
if only they had freed their soul they would have

crossed the endless brook.

The bridge is always there for those who dare to
cross and it leads from one heart to another on
the journey where love is boss.

Some have tried to measure, others to contain,
but the riches shared from one to the other
puts the gems of earth to shame.

 ...because you love me.

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