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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


A good mentor once told me" that in order to maintain strength and diligence one must be around strong and positive people, for the negative will drain us surely as a short in  the wiring will drain a battery taking all the positive charge and grounding it into the frame of the vehicle." When I heard the song " Your Raise Me Up" I thought about this lesson that I have carried with me, " that we absorb energy and strength from the positive and that indeed the negative energy holds us back.
Over the weekend many stories are shared between women, which provides us with a view of the wide range of  our trials and the tribulations that we are all placed in.Yes, some are more or less extreme than the others, but equally important to the person who needs to accept and rise above.
As I was reading the letters from my own mentor sent many years back, I must admit that I almost didn't relate to the woman who responded to the letters. I grew and  I am growing as we must all be and yet I found these important lessons from this great mentor to be as valuable now as they were the first time I heard them. I rejoice not in that I had to experience the negativity but that with hope, faith and determination we can and do rise above.
The world as we do seeks balance, for even mother nature if given her own way will self-destruct. How we go about finding this balance which is crucial to our well being, depends on our willingness to see and accept the gifts of life. If we anchor to a particular place in time we find that we no longer challenge ourselves and therefore we become stagnant with the failure to grow. Our abilities to grow, ultimately depend on our willingness, timing and the places in which we place ourselves.
With winter now behind us and the days longer, I find myself eager to both review the past and the present , strain through and retain the positive so that I may move forward. I had not been able to sleep for a few days my mind busy digesting the weekend and trying to bring some peace and direction to the moment. As I sit here thinking about the messages that are heard but not necessarily spoken, I find that my wants and my needs surface and are eager to be acknowledged. I placed my hand first upon my lips and I allowed myself to explore my own body. Slowly lips to cheek, gently down my neck and then I allowed it to arrest upon my heart. It is not in the action or the speed in which we explore but the ability to pick up on the energy, for each experience we encounter becomes a part of th we or  us.  Taking a deep breath and slowly exhaling, no tears  are to be found and yet an exhaustion seems to have brought me down off of the clouds.

 I am determined to find that place where
 my soul will no longer be restless, and
where I will fall without fear into the arms
 of comfort, respect and knowledge. 

Allow my heart the sight,  my soul the will and
 my spirit the passion to follow the path and 
journey forward. I believe that everything is 
possible and that love does indeed prevail.

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Margie said...

So nice to be at your blog again, Rachel.
And wonderful writing!
So inspirational .... thank you!

Margie :)