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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, March 10, 2011

I believe in dreams

It is not what I see, 
but what I feel and thus
the tenderness of your touch 
has once again broken down 
the barriers of time and place.
There are somethings in life that are unexplainable , we don't always have the answer like we were taught in grade three. We don't know the when, the where or the why and that my friend is life's greatest surprise. 

Where we are going and what we will find,
is not as important as the love that is inside,
When you feel it like the wind against your 
cheek, you'll know that you have experienced,
what once only dreams could bring. 

Hold my hand, leave a kiss and you will see
that time has no baring on eternity. 

Good morning sunshine! I'm happy as can be, I have this love that lives within me. The gifts are a treasure  and grateful am I , for I was given hope and love on the clouds of the blue sky.   Good morning sunshine! there is a smile on my face from the moment I woke up ,from the dreams that midnight put in place. Good morning sunshine! we are one more day closer to spring and  I dance in celebration as I wake up from my dreams.

I believe in dreams,I believe in love,
I believe in the sky blue and I believe in you.
There will be days when the grains of sand, 
will sift through your toes and fall from your  hands,
How many or how little I do not know but one 
thing I am certain of eternity already knows. 

Our souls will pass with sorrow and glee from 
the trials of life to leave sweet memories.
It will be left on the tongues of young and old,
of the magic of life and the love of you and I

Go slow and enjoy the wind upon your cheek,
as it first brushed against my lips to bring to you my kiss.
... it is there that you may rest in my arms, 
embrace my love and dance with my soul.

Attraction leads you in the right direction,
but it is love and passion that keep you there. 

So sweet the nectar, so heavenly the dream,
so magical the moment that sent your love to me.
Compassion is neither empathy nor sympathy but the willingness to allow
your soul to step inside the heart of another to understand their plight.
The depth in which one is willing to travel and embrace love
is dependent upon their ability to dance upon the heavens.

Our wants and needs are much simpler than anyone could ever realize, 
for love is not the action of words but the magic of touch. 
There is an energy that can be felt within a simple touch. 
Love is unique in that it has no barriers. 

As the rain adds to the already swollen stream,
I stand mesmerized of the power nature has
upon the moment, like your love which tickles
my imagination as it flows through the soul
uniting our hearts.

I held the emotions deep inside, I had to
release them I had to cry. Driving through
the thunder and storm of the day, there
was no dividing the tears from the rain.

They were not of sadness nor sign of the
gray, the tears that flowed were soul
released in a powerful way. Freeing
my spirit, releasing my love, to find
the comfort of that special one.

I shall rest my weary soul, and hold my pillow tight 
and if you close your eyes my love, you'll meet in our
dreams tonight. 

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