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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Way You Look Tonight - Fred Astaire (Swing Time, 1936)

The soul dances to the memories...

Goodbyes are never easy and for some people they even become an impossible feat, to cut off the strings of emotion and move forward. In many ways everything we have experienced becomes apart of who we are and so we never truly remove those memories from our very own character.

Love it only works when both parties involved love with the same degree of passion, the scale cannot tip more heavily to one side or another. The moment two come together is when emotions rise so very high and the fire which burns creates a firework display of passion

Faith and hope and the desire to simply put words to music allows the child within in us to dream and believe and never give up. The dance on the clouds is simply a metaphor for the dance of dreams that we all embrace.

Each song is an expression of the artist who brings it to life, but to the person or persons who make them their own, they become a unique one of a kind experience.
As I find myself caught up in work and yet dreaming,I reach out and I pull you so very close, close that you can feel the love WEBOMH.

Sometimes I feel as close to death as I do to life and as I try to separate the emotions that explore the territory of each, I find myself torn between the both. One is equal to giving up an giving in and bringing closure and the other keeps me pushing and believing that all is possible with just a little faith. I was going to post the full twelve calendar ... but I thought limit it to the few with the greatest impact.

Fear it is a crazy emotion that can stop you from living your life completely, it can create unseen barriers and make life feel impossible. So as I play each song, in my heart and in my mind and deep down in my soul, I feel your love,your emotions holding me, embracing my spirit and my joy for life. Don't look down you might get dizzy and don't go to close to the end of the cloud you might fall off, but if your willing, I'll hold you close and we will "dance on clouds. "
They say infatuation fades, but that love last forever,
"put your head on my shoulder" I love you.

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