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Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Weep No More

It is by the request of my soul that the words of love are recorded and stored like the finest of love songs seared and branded with your name upon my heart. No time shall erase the script that wrote you as the other half of my soul to live for all eternity as one and with more power than the Gods that directed our path. The dreams are but a gateway to overcome the distance of mountains, the depth of the seas and the pain that dares to destroy our embrace. The many tears which wash away the evils of the past also clear away for our tomorrow. It is with my deepest and most passionate wish to be cast upon the heavens like the stars that rule the night, forging one soul within another. May those who look upon the night sky view what no one has ever set their eyes upon. For you my love are both heaven and earth and as the they unite. our love will be placed on display in accordance to the laws of love.

To love as I am loved ,to rejoice that our hearts are one and feel the blessing of the heavens as I succumb to the moment. That which shares in such beauty also bares the pain of a thousand days lost to the wind. I shall not weep for that which cannot be seen but rejoice in the mystical celebration of love.

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