Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Pictorial Prose was written as a escape for the mind and soul. The world filled with disturbances that no rational mind will ever understand. Here we take a ride on the clouds, find the beauty in the simplest of moments and view through the heart, Love, Friendship, Romance and all the emotions that are stirred when you feel the out reach of kindred spirits. I welcome you to step into my heart to view through my eyes the magic I call " Amore".


No hesitation from the wind, magically it waved through the hollow's trees of green, it taught them to obey.Twist and snap the branches, the leaves danced and swayed, with the winds talk of sweet, my heart drift away.High within the mountains, a choreographed ballet, a soothing performance, of two souls flittering, a dance of candle flame.

One more look behind and this is what I see, a long and winding
path traveled with you beside me. I felt your warmth and I couldn't
deny the smile, my mind drifting to a fantasy isle.
I wake to your good morning and sleep to your goodnight
and with each breath of day, your embrace is felt so tight.
So if only in gest, my love I give to you. The words
are that of happiness , that I return to you.

A battle that began when this soul was born,
to stand for what is right or stand in silence and simply morn.

Engaging with each moment, confronting every storm,
the battle a crusade, to surface to some norm.

If you could turn me inside out and see what I can see,
you would view the sadness that has this hold on me.
Struggles for understanding, a touch from beyond and
this awful yearning to know where I belong.

If you could turn me inside out and see what I can see,
you would view the heart with a lot less mystery. Each
battle leaves a semblance of a unwritten plea, that life
would be less difficult if you were here loving me.

If you could turn me inside out and see what I can see,
you would view a tear filled river as it rolls on out to sea.
A never ending hunger, a thirst for life as it should be,
simple pleasures shared by you and me.

If you could turn me inside out and see what I can see,
you would view your own reflection, that is how much
you mean to me. Every word we ever shared, is tucked
inside of me and when life is overbearing those messages
comfort me.

If you could turn me inside out and see what I can see,
you would view a lot more weakness, as I am not as
strong as I use to be. Everyday I dream of the comfort
that I find, as you are always in my heart and always
on my mind.

If you could turn me inside out and see what I can see,
you would view the emotions trapped and begging to be
free. The caress of bodies, taste of loving sweet and the
pleasure of your company a stroll down yonder street.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Vision Cleared

I don’t know what births the apprehension, anxiety and fear,
I just want to feel you arms and know that you are here.
Fixated on the moment, when you simply just appeared,
erased all my tension, and soon my vision cleared.

Not just a lonely night, it’s been my whole life, bicycling without you.
Walking in a haze, I think I’m in a daze, hitting a wall or two.
No not another name, not another game, life just gave me a cue.

Not just a lonely night, it’s been my whole life, bicycling without you.
Spider to a web, butter to bread , the sun to the sky of blue.
Your not any friend, your here to the end, bicycling with you.

I have witnessed all the emotions in a dramatic display!
Love the most poorly interpreted of all emotions,
where true love is felt, negativity shall not flourish.
I will no longer allow the reflection of youth to weigh down my life,
with tears of the past.Yesterdays child confronts in battle. Cry not
child, for this I know,the past in life we must let go. No tears left
behind the eyes, the future holds each days sunrise. Today,
tomorrow and you will find, the presoaked towel of past design.
Triump bleeds through days gone by, to surface with the stride of pride.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Walk with Me.... da da da da.. talk to me..

When I was a child my father would place a pocket watch under my pillow, tick tock, tick tock, the soothing sound a quick calm in a restless world. As I became older I focused on the sound of the train as the sounds of metal on metal clanged. I remember wishing for the longer trains to come by as the silence that followed was interrupted by abrupt noises, placing me back into a world of disruption. From early on I was sensitive to my surroundings. Happiness and sadness, met with the uneasiness of the moment. The eyes of a child, with the voice of silence.

I thought I'd take a walk in the park, might as well been in the dark,
as I'm sitting here, missing you!
Wind blows your name, birds think it's some kind of game,
as they tweet a love song or two!
Sitting here remembering the spark, one that lit a flame in my heart,
as I drift to days with you!

Watching boats go by and catching butterflies,
listen to the heart as it harmonize. This special
selection is from my favorite collection,
shared with my favorite guy...

One of the hardest chores that I learned to do in the garden, was to thin the plants and Rose buds. Removing all but one or two of a variety, knowing full well that one plant alone would be stronger, as it absorbed more nutrients and would have less competition for space, water and sun. Thus proving quality over quantity would provide the biggest and healthiest of plants with the largest of blooms. Nature teaches all the lessons we will ever need to know in life. Everything grows better with love and care, and sometimes we will have no control over an out come, as we stand like flowers in a garden vulnerable to the world around us.
Throughout the year a variety of messages surface. The most important is that we will never stop learning, as life continues to throw us a curve. Can’t see beyond the bend, have to keep on the path of life, one step at a time life reveals the secret of the day.


Walk with me, talk to me , a day in our life, the blooms you'll see.
Large and bold, the roses hold, a world where each petal a story unfolds.
I look at you, my heart true, as we see this crazy life through.

Walk with me, talk to me, a day in our life, the blooms you'll see.
Thorns appear, but the bloom is there, from one who dared to care.
Heavens lace creates a place, one where hearts race.

Walk with me, talk to me, a day in our life, the blooms you'll see.
Unique are we, no common weed, as colors display what you mean to me.
Red and blue and yellow and green, a rainbow of magic creates the glee.

Walk with me, talk to me, a day in our life, the blooms you'll see.........

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Power of Love!

The Power of Love

I have heard the quote," there are many kinds of love or many ways
to be loved." After great thought it occurred to me that there is only
one kind of love, with many ways of expressing the ultimate emotion.
The beauty of loving is in giving and the warmth of the kindest
gestures returned. Some expressions so minute they may go
unnoticed, a smile, the reaching out of one hand to another.
I cannot think of a greater happiness then the
embrace of love, felt in the rise of sun,
in the morning and there to see
you through the moon
lit nights.

Where only hearts can mingle and pleasures can be found,
in the world of enchantment, where silence makes a sound.
Beyond the days of healing, there tomorrow awaits,
to lead us into the arms of that
not so little thing
called faith.

Snow white Petals falling down, spider kisses making rounds.
Sounds of love, wafts through the air , a song for each day of the year.

Singing> Dance with me, and love me, every little step is a sight to see....
Elegant with lots of flair, a love like this is so very rare.
In my mind, in my heart, in my life a work of art,
you and I dancing under midnight skies.
Step by step, so gallantly, your charm brings
the smile right out of me.
Dance with me, and love me, every little step is a sight to see... Y
I am in a folk music mood, I must have been in the hills to long,
so singing with joy as I dance in the hollow!

Singing> I felt the energy of each wind blown kiss, wickedly delicious they landed on my lips.
Silent as dew drops covering the town and louder then a train is the heart that pounds.
Hand and heart dance, dance the hollow free,
the moment you answered and said hello to me.

The grass dampened, by the morning dew, barefoot running through the fields to you.
Nature tickles with a song or two, courting lovers with a sunshine debut.
Hand and heart dance, dance the hollow free, the moment you answered and said hello to me.

Life a raging river, head above without a boat, occasionally I’m treading until you tossed a float.
I’ve been strong to swim to shore and then I find myself diving in to explore.
Hand and heart dance, Dance the hollow free, the moment you answered and said hello to me.

No, no I can’t say, that I will be the same, you lit the spark, creating the flame.
Hand and heart dance, dance the hollow free, the moment........

Children, children run and sit upon the swing, rolling in the grass, no longer days of spring.
Time races through the seasons to leave me in my prime, as I document the moments, the wisp of memory drifting through my mind.

Children, children laugh and be gay, running through the hills, summer creates a new day. A breath taking calm and a breeze that waffles through the air, whispers of a song,the words of someone who cares.

Children, children hold my hands and circle round, smile and laughter and never any frowns. A blue bird in flight, a story does it tell, one we’ve heard and know so very, very well.

Yesterdays sorrows are lessons for the wise, tomorrows hope is filled with surprise.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


A rush of the elements moving in, a roar of thunder, a bolt of light,
wakens the soul to view the sight. Illuminated clouds appear,
a Silhouette of curves and hair. Agitated was I, when I saw
you in the sky. Swirling, soaring up so high, my heart
it let out a great big sigh. Reaching, grasping for your
embrace, I trembled as I saw your face.
Etched by light, the reflection shared,
the answer to my daily

I Love You!
Appetite the title, hunger of two the theme, Innocence and sensuality
bathed in passion creates the scene. In the center of the magic,
is the cast of two, teaching the dance of romance,
to the song of loving you...........

Your energy I felt, it cast a fiery spell.
Deeper then the sea, love immersed in me.
No ordinary place, it’s love knots sweet embrace.
You to me, its how life is meant to be .

Passion made a play, when magic came our way.
Incredibly sweet, under the summer sheets.
This was not a plan , the day you took my hand and
we danced where only lovers can.

Singing>Love flows..

Love flows like a swollen river, from the soul... it floods the heart.
Swiftly moving, a surprise, at it rages through out your life.

Love flows like a swollen river, from the soul...it floods the heart.
Overflowing, the passion surged, with your love from the start.

Love flows like a swollen river, from the soul... it floods the heart.
Submerged in all the beauty, surfaced joy from the heart.

Love flows like a swollen river...............

Monday, June 19, 2006

Just a little bit closer

Deceiving waters idle as can be, gently flows with a touch
of summer breeze. Majestic reflections cast shadows
of the trees, under closer observation a vision appeared
to me. Your heart immeasurable, spread wide and beyond
reached deep within, where my soul respond.

Our walk leads, where souls meet, where love is felt with every breath we breathe.
In all that I touch, in all that I see, in all of my dreams ....... there’s you and me.
To hold you tight, to tenderly love, to whisper songs of passion to my beloved.
Forever we’ll be, two lovers at sea, rushing the waves .... we were meant to be free.

The wind swiftly picks us up and in the clouds you‘ll
find...you and I.

A dance of love to rhythmic beats,two hearts that couldn’t
sleep.. you and I.

Dreaming of You!

Mending bridges, restores the mind.
Love the hinge, to make you mine.
Hands clenched and hearts mold,
sweet embrace of two souls.

Dreaming on a cloud , placed you in my arms.
I could hear your heart beat, a song with charm.
Loving you...
Dreaming on a cloud, every morning and night.
I could feel your body pressing next to mine.
Loving you....
Over and over and over again, I'm dreaming
of you....

What do I see, when I look around?
I see mountains can no longer be found.

What do I hear, when I listen close?
Rapid love beats, in a double dose.

What do I know, about this love?
I know it was sent, from God above.

What I do I taste, in each day with you?
The flavors of life, sweet and true.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Splash, Splash

The trees of the hollow assisted by a warm summer wind,
danced to concerto. Nature’s duet with the soul harmonized
as it transformed the desolate reaches of the mind into a
serene completeness. The performance robust and yet
tranquil was both calm and invigorating to
the inner being. No division as I became
one in the creation of life’s canvas.

Friday, June 16, 2006


Thrilled am I as summer takes center stage and my first glimpse of
fireflies dance their grand debut. As if a switch was hit, the warmth
of the night and the display of sparkle sent me back to the days of
youth, where simple pleasures could be found in catching a firefly
and giggling as we aimlessly ran about.

The child in me, met the child in you.
Laugh and giggle the whole night through.

Walk with me and strength we’ll find, when we explore beyond the mind.
Hold my hand, hold my heart, life and love we take part.
Half a soul till I met you.


Extraordinary, this is true, a child secretly meets with you.
On the days where sadness dwells, your love cast a spell.
Arms to hold me in the night, a smile that warms me like sunlight.
Child, friend, love and truth, words of wisdom, joy of youth.
In your arms tonight I’ll lay, comfort, beauty of life remain.


This day I live, because I loved.
This day I feel, because you cared.
This day I smiled, because you shared.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


A kaleidoscopic view of the heart shares in the unpredictability
of love as it reflects unto the soul. Fragments of various emotions
embed deep within to trigger a cosmic explosion. A seduction
of the mind creates a world where we engage in love .

If just once you could stop to see, all of what makes up me.
No such vision titled “Just” or a shell that one could lust.
The outlook doesn’t boast of dreams, complicated as it seems.
Hunger gave this path a start, the goals of life from the heart.

This I call love...

I listened to comments today on the topic “ love or in love, real or fantasy.” My response is to first review the biology of the human body and whether it is a action or a reaction to a moment that triggers chemicals to be released from the brain. Vision plays a important rule in attraction, which is by far the most simplistic of animal traits we carry. Could we mate with that particular person, do we find them appealing, do we share similarities, do they excite or ignite? Then we cross the barriers into that of emotions, allowing our minds to feel and our hearts the experience. Testing of the waters can make dreams real and fantasy the playground, where we expand beyond lust and emotion to a intimacy with the mind. In true love there is no selfishness or greed. Love can take on many forms, but to be in love, to feel the energy, fueling the fire and creating a hunger to share every breath with that special someone. It has no time barrier, it feels no pain and nothing can separate this magic called love. It lives and breathes deep in our being, beyond this world as we know it. Call it souls,a inner connection, kindred spirits, mates of the heart, here is where eternity makes a play and the bond that seals the relationship is formed to see us through all the trials and tribulations that life will bring.

Crossing the barriers of time, two now one, side by side.
I have touched and love touched back
and travel we on this
love path.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Not to mention Joy!

The moon and stars our creation
where clouds of love persevere.
This world built on the foundation,
where trust and respect appear.

Day by Day

The more I listened to people talk of their own disappointments and heartaches in life. I began to see various stories with only one true difference and that is how people were capable or not of digesting the issues that appeared in their life. Reviewing my own milestones, I saw that I stood idle , raced with the rage of a wild herd and slid backward, as if I had just reached the top of the mountain to again feel the rush of tumbling . Desperately I found myself seeking to find away around the varied obstacles that were tossed into the path of self discovery.

Awaiting a Season

Caught in the rush of the season am I,
I simply was entrapped by the barriers of time.
Trying to hold and trying to freeze,
salvage youth and set the soul at ease.

Documenting time the hollow does well,
memoirs of nature or casting a spell.
Blue heron returns to the fish in the stream,
the fate of the minnow, seemingly mean.

Separating the weak from the strong,
changes the scenery, as life goes on.
Caretakers sent to watch over the land,
to honor and protect for our fellow man.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Blue skies Bluer....

Blue skies bluer and the clouds of white,
meet me under the egg and hold me tight.
Blue skies bluer and the clouds of white,
a dance of souls, a beautiful sight.
Blue skies bluer and the clouds of white,
Love so warm and such a delight.
Blue skies bluer and the clouds of white,
meet me under the egg and..........
Everyday with you, makes life feel renewed.
Sunshine surprise, rids tear drops from my eyes.
No Mr. Blue, we’re not letting him through.
Spending every second of my day loving you.

For one brief moment I will walk in yours shoes , feel your happiness,
sense your pain and our emotions will become one.

Good Morning... to you my friend, Good morn ing all through the day.

Good morning caught me smiling, good morning love leads the way.

Sending Kisses
A kiss to you my love, for all of life. Hold close, in the dark of night.
This you should know, I'll always love you so ..... sending kisses.
A kiss to you my love, lands in your heart , to see you through
as we will never part.
This you should know, I'll aways love you so....sending kisses.


Your heart collided, crashing body and soul.
Expand the mind to gather and to hold.
Your love in me, my soul breathes free, the
day your path fused one to one with me.


Sunday, June 11, 2006

Forever More

Conscious of forever more, the waters rush to touch the shore.
Two hearts fuse as one, our souls engage with that of love.
Stimulation to the mind, performed the skill we utilized.
Fascinating is this embrace, intense
filled moments of which
we crave.

I awakened to the sun beaming brightly through the window, the silence toyed selfishly with the moment. A inner cry demanded the memories to seize the sounds of shared joy and fill the room with laughter, rebirthing the fateful day you kindled the blaze within.


A summer day graced by the warm gentle winds transformed the leafy
branches of the woodlands into a dance of bliss that could only be
performed by nature.The stroke of a masterpiece in motion
sparked the hills into creating its own majestic beauty,
the sketch a unique blend of calm and energy
pulsated dramatically. Like a infant
cradled in her mother's arms,
excited and yet at

Not fabricated nor fantasy, we're on the path that builds memories.
Hand and hand you and me, as we tackle all that life brings.
The journey at the crossroads begin, a travel down the unknown.
Woke my heart for me to see, how beautiful life can be.

Fortunate are we, who have the chance to feel and see.



Vivid is this touch of heart, spirited ignites a spark.
Colorful and gay, paints the image of our escape.

Shared pillow in the night, the dance of love under the moonlight.
Intense yet tangible are we, to challenge the mind beyond the dream.

In this sphere of life are two, where you and I create the view.
The vow of friendship a powerful rite, a ceremonial vision of delight.

Hands a tremble and my body shakes, Lord knows I just have to make
a call, to the one who my heart is enthralled.
My mind wanders each and everyday, until I hear the words of day...
I love you in every way.

It is human nature to want more, to need more, to be more.
I give you more......

Each morning I give you a infinite amount of kisses to see
you through the day, packed with all my love in your heart to stay.

To you I give the touch of love, that crosses all the barriers,
navigates the many miles, never falls to error.

In this path of travel when life appears desolate and gray,
my arms I extend to thee to comfort, as the dragons we will slay.

When the bubble burst and in the dreams we shall fall, remember
that you and I, we have been it all.

A handsome knight and princess trapped in tower tall,
two friends who from the heart dared to share it all.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Poetry, Prose or a View of The Heart

Few words can compare, with the view of your heart and in
the world of unknown the stars mystically create a chart.
To lead beyond the heavens , where our souls gracefully
embrace and secure the words of love
that nothing can erase.

Treasured gems of diamonds and gold,
valued for their rarity, a pleasure to hold.
Your friendship is priceless, unique is
the breed, a response of the heart,
acknowledged the plea.

Sliding to the left, sliding to the right,
slide to the middle till it feels just right.

Dancing with the child in me and you,
laughing the whole day through.

Sliding to the left, sliding to the right,
slide to the middle till it feels just right.

Dancing with our hearts for all to see,
accompanied by the song of the summer

Sliding to the left, sliding to the right,
slide to the middle till it feels just right.

Holding my baby close to me and feeling
our hearts beating rhythmically.

The bigger Catch is the touch of your heart and the warmth of your smile.


The Bridge lay broken, in need of repair.
Idle and restless, I was living in fear.
Water rising, the further the dreams.
The more entrapped by past memories.
The outreach of hearts, yours to mine,
built a bridge to free my mind.
The further we traveled the more I
saw, how beautiful life..... when love
comes to call.
Your hands reaching quickly entwined, built a bridge beyond the mind.
Traveled distance, traveled time , two as one we combined.
Happiness is within reach, joy and laughter what it can teach.
Paints the skies a baby blue and clouds of white for us to view.
Taught me how to sing and dance beyond the hollows forbidden land.
If you look closely you will see, the bridge we built had set me free.
You can build a wall tough as bricks,
dig a moat and blow up the bridge.
You can slow the body and halt the mind,
with patience and love will rebuild in time.
Bigger and stronger and better are we,
the more we traveled, the more we have seen.
The bridge we built is not of steel, it's built of
love to make the heart heal.

My heart was yours ....

Freezing the moments, in my field of dreams , the tighter
I close my eyes the more of you i see.
Each breath taken, each step we made, brings our love ever closer,
to soothe the heart of ache.
Loving you more then you could know,
the seeds of love continue to grow.

Bouncing bets a floral display, fragrance the fields with a new day.
The mind travels, to far away lands, to the clouds in the heavens,

where our love began.

Your my good morning and my goodnight, you are the love, that holds me tight.
Kisses I give you, my heart was yours, our life began anew, when we dared to explore.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Summer Sunshine!

Everyday is summer sunshine, when your in my life.
All my travels simplified, walking side by side.
To feel the air you breathe, to feel your touch inside.
Forever, forever, forever ..........you and I.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

In the Arms of Loving You

I wasn’t in pursuit of happiness and then I stumbled on you.
I wasn’t looking to build on dreams, but you made dreams come true.

I thought I was on this path alone, destitute and blue
and then I woke up in the arms of loving you.

I didn’t think I could visualize someone by my side
and then I felt your love from deep inside.

I didn’t know how a castles built high up in the sky and
then you tossed the building blocks to my mind.

I wasn’t in pursuit of happiness and then I stumbled on you
and there I woke up in the arms of loving you and there I woke up

in the arms... in the arms of loving you.

You and I

For every time you made me smile and chased away the blues,
held me in the night and allowed your love to infuse.

On the days when the chill of life reappears, it’s the warmth
of your arms that hold me so ever near.

Incredible this touch that traveled through the years and surfaced
with a love from one who showed how much they care.

When your hand was reaching, mine was reaching back and
forever have we bonded, two friends who rid the skies of black.

Strolling Through Life With You

I am behind you when you need a push,
in front of you when you need pulled and
beside you holding your hand.

No ordinary walk between two, emerging is the love from me and you.
Traveling from ten to a hundred and two.

Children running and stop to play, teenagers rolling in the hay
and occasionally the adult finds the way.

Not just any kind of smile, we have ones that travel over miles,
to help ensure the love grew. Simple but rarely seen, friendship
that is so caring. Strolling through life with you!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Under the blankets...

If there were no more tomorrows and yesterdays all blew away.
That won’t stop the memories, they always find their way.

I know that I have met with Love and love cannot betray.
For in my heart I hold it, even coal dust can’t make it gray.

Under the blankets will never be the same, as I share my
life with you every second of my day.

Looking deep within, the soul makes a play.
To honor you my friend, with my heart on display.

It wasn’t any particular song or a prayer that people say.
What I heard were the words of love, that in my heart will stay.

Unseasonably cool, the dampness of the rains sent a chill. Like that of a chameleon I felt as one with my surroundings. Silence and the stillness of the hollow laid a eerie invitation almost a entrapment. My mind gathered the thoughts of the past year. So many experiences that I had never dreamt could possibly happen. In a years time I found myself speaking to children about poetry and listening to adults reflect on their own lives. Driving down a long road that had never been traveled before and sharing life with a friend. I saw all my accomplishments and my weaknesses as they battled fiercely with one another, in the ultimate challenge of survival of the struggles confronted in life. Time, that which commands the air we breathe. Moving quickly I found myself caught between holding on to past memories and forcing myself to the future. I found myself confused and for a moment alone and then as quick as the first helloI felt your presence and the loneliness faded. I knew that someone in this world cared and that I cared back.
I cannot see tomorrow, today a mountain lay.
Climbing ever higher, will slide down another day.

Little accomplishments that few could understand.
Day by day I take them, reckless with little plan.

Inside I was crying, couldn’t anyone see.
Spoon digging on the mountain,
couldn’t get beyond the trees.
My mission is to touch you, spend my life loving you.
Day and night we’ll make it through, gentle whispers
from me to you.

singing> My happiness

My happiness is with you , in everything we do.
Strolling in a park , dreaming in the dark or
simply sharing my thoughts with you.

Your love always shines through.
Keeps me strong when the days are blue.

Dancing high on the clouds with you,
in your arms there is no taboo.

Your magic is like sparkle dust,
a coating thick layered with trust.
Add your smile and passion to,
covers me with love from you.

We can challenge all of life with
each day we shall redefine.
The beauty of the world in
your heart and mine.

Well worth repeating " when you least expect it something amazing happens"

Rachel Charlotte Miller c 2005


Saturday, June 03, 2006

Two hearts, two souls..

The human reaction to a emotional moment in time, is that of the tear. Representation of ones inner feelings portrays that of happy and sad emotions. Humans are the only animal capable of shedding a tearin a emotional response to life.
Two hearts, two souls, two lives, one goal,to love for all time.
My heart, your heart, my soul, your soul,
our lives so entwined.
I want, you want... I need, you need...
a walk side by side.
My world, your world, equals our world,created on cloud nine.

Either lead me.....

Look out world we’re gonna make it , take the earth and gonna shake it.
Waken up to sunny days, 365 our way, I’m lovin ya baby

.Look out world I’m dancing all around, spinning head I’m in the clouds
Energy consuming, overcharged I'm quickly moving , I’m lovin ya baby

.Look out world it's not a stroll by, taken charge we command the sky
.Everyday is happy with you and I , I’m lovin ya baby

Must be tears of happiness that lifts me off the ground ,
in this world of craziness your love is all around.
My head keeps spinning round and round it goes.
Feeling little dizzy , where it stops I don't know.

This must be our dance, very nice. You lead with such eloquence.
Step by step i'm close in your arms , cheek to cheek a midnight charm.
Legs quiver and my heart beats to the racing sounds of love so sweet.
Can't stop smiling , my soul compelling to follow steps while a story telling.
Love so sweet and love so kind has its own way to make our steps glide.
Hard to Top Dancing on clouds , but I'm up to the challenge.
Easy to dance on clouds with a great partner who
leads with grace.
I think it happened I'm dancing and dancing ....Yes i'm dancing on clouds!!!
Borrowing from General Patton. lol

"Either lead me, follow me or get the hell out of my way!!!!!!!!!!!"

I love you!!!!!!

Friday, June 02, 2006

It is Good!

It’s good to be needed, it’s good that you care.
It’s fun on this journey , when I know that your here.

Straight jacket waiting for us one of these days,
but in the mean while will laugh life away.

Sometimes I feel as a child, on the days you make me
smile. Crazy and sometimes blue, you know
just what to do.

I love you, that is true. Each moment shared

with you, I couldn't ever say adieu,
friends for life with you.


Conspiracy of the Mind!

Time softens the blow of memories deep in dust,
but removes not the emotions from a soul in touch.
Taking one last gander at the days of long gone by.
Found me caught in a web, a
conspiracy of the mind.

It was your silence that spoke louder then thunder in a storm.
You closed your heart as not to see and there a blunder born.

When I closed my eyes at night a vision still appeared
and when I try to harness love you simply disappeared.

No truer words were ever spoken
" how shallow the willow's roots."

The closer the touch , the further you distanced.
Chapter, chapter ,chapter page by page goodbye.
Then why the heartbreak ?why still do you cry?
Through the many emotional struggles in life, I cannot not decipher which were the most difficult to overcome. In youth lack of stability had me dancing over hot coals, as I felt lost and displaced and distant from the world around me. Trying to make sense of the domestic battles that appeared on a continuous basis. As if I were in the middle of a war, without a ally. The old adage “ and ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” was my right of passage that I followed. Be the good little girl, avoid confrontation. Here is where the first lessons in life began. Referred to as extremely sensitive and fragile. I quickly learned to read the eyes of people that crossed my path. Which took me to another old adage “ be aware of your surroundings.” The sense of sight strengthened, where voice had been stifled. The childhood thoughts of running away, found me in hiding whether for a moment or a hour. My escape from my own personal hell.
The years quickly pass by, as I found myself growing in to a young teen, looking for companionship and love and of course the shoulder to lean on. Clinging in a unnatural kind of way. I found myself in a unhealthy relationship. My early childhood years quickly resurfaced, as those lessons of life repeated the trials and errors that continued to show up in my later years. Struggling to get ahead and to find myself, found me with my head barely above the water. I had started on a new path, one that I was unfamiliar with. The road a head filled with challenges and struggles. Wanting to please and to be accepted found me losing sight of who I was and distant of the goals I had so wanted to attain. I can clearly state that this road I was traveling came with a price. Swallowed up by that which I did not understand. Various outer packaging, camouflaged the dysfunction. Extremely lonely I did the next best thing I could, that was to make the best of a bad situation. Tears forever fell behind my eyes. Placing my emotions to the back and accepting the challenges that would now begin.
I was now giving birth to the next generation. Sweeping all of my emotions under the carpet, I replaced the tears, painting the smile of a clown permanently upon my face.

Today the child cries, tears are not of the eyes.
The pain you see is from the heart,
betrayal sent a poison dart.

Learning to accept a day for a day, to climb mountains one at a time. I accepted or shall I say felt the sting of defeat as I lost my Identity and my Independence. One day I looked back to see the curtains open and years of my life pass before me. Each chapter of life came with extremely sensitive lessons of life. At times I felt my insecurities gaining strength as I backed further away, avoiding this life game of chess. I had quickly understood the rollercoaster of life. Taking the good along with the bad,I don’t believe that you can saver those good times completely until you have seen the flip side of life. Simplicity had it found its way . I now saw the beauty in everything around me. Reinforcement that Positive qualities slowly replaced my own self doubts. In some instances fear had forced me to stand ground and accept the battle that circumstances and time had confronted me with. Feeling the threads of love weave through my heart and soul gave me hope and courage to see through today into eye of tomorrow.

The Time is Now!
To stand and fight,
no more fears in the night.
What I have seen my eyes do tell,
what I feel my heart knows well

Distant but remains within in my heart.
Remember this my friend, as love can never part.
Once you found your place, sweetly next to mine.
We accepted the challenge, to see it to the end of time.
When I saw our vulnerability in life and how easily it could be altered, by extenuating circumstances either through our own choices or those of others. I realized how the foundation is weakened
and begins to crumble under the pressures of life.
The bits of life to which we hold, makes little sense till the story told.
Confused am I on this path, but tear no more I’d rather laugh.
The book holds a story of a floatation device,
one that was tossed with love to save
a woman’s life. To document a journey on
this rocky road, and remind us how far
we‘ve come and how far we have to go .
On this day I celebrate the words not of
a book, but the warmth I feel when your
friendship took a second look.
He who gives the gift of love, feels the return from his beloved.
If I had but a wish of one to place upon my pillow, it
would be to dance my love with you underneath the willow.
To share the taste of bitter sweet, this life that’s just begun.
Caressing the moments that warm like the early rising sun.
The voice of silence a sound not make, but in my heart the earth shakes.
Louder and louder from deep within, the sounds of celebration begin.
We have challenged another day and beyond survival we found away.
Though shall not seek to love, for love has
surfaced from a far to send a friend who rid the scars.
Tonight the moon shall rise and the stars shall take their rightful place in the heavens
and you my friend will rest in the arms of love.

To once feel love and crave the touch
and allow the dream to send a rush.
To sleep in your arms and
calmly rest with my head
upon your chest.

Souls frolicking about like butterflies fluttering in a garden.
What a sight to see, heart meshed close with thee.
Tighter then a chain link fence, truthful with no pretense.
Tightly woven is the bond, travels near and beyond.
Holds me in the dark of night and gives me thoughts
that still excite.
The rain falls and a sound it makes,
memories now find a place.