Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Monday, February 27, 2006

Beat of My Heart

The stillness chased by the beat of my heart
as it raced to the clouds to rid of the dark.

Tighter and tighter the pillow I held.
Tighter and tighter your love I felt.

The vision of spring caused the winter to melt,
as the joy of your spirit created the belle.

Seizing the moment with each heart felt breath,
secured the vision of you to my left.

The moon lit shadows a silhouette, the dance
of fantasia done at its best.

The more of freedom I tasted , the harder it is to go back!
The more of life I see , the more intense the hunger!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

I believe

The Restless tide
I have been known to compare life to the childhood game of chutes and ladders. There is the high that comes with achievements followed by a low that cannot maintain nor meet with the balance of ones own expectations. It has been said that we are our own worst critic and in that arena of judgment surfaces the indignity that struggles with the accomplishments and the external interference from circumstances, fear and to many rungs on the ladder. In the realization that the visions that lead us through life are confronted by a exterior wall of another’s doubts and fears that they smother the creativity and threaten the personal success. Standing at the top of the slide a push downward finds me gasping, as I look back at where I have been , where I am at and where I am going.
You can try to alter the what is , it’s inevitable that the chains that bind are not made of gold and therefore will break from the abrasion that erodes even the strongest of hold.
The embrace of love I feel, gentle the touch surpasses surreal.
A kiss tender to the lips, is better then any written in a script.
To you I must convey, The stars sparkled in your name.
Your eyes closed will see in my heart is where you’ll always be.
Count the petals of a daisy , count the minutes in the night,
count the reasons that I love you, as our souls are taking flight.
Elevated to the heavens, curtsey and take a bow
Two hearts interwoven traveled many miles
Dancing in the starlight from cloud to cloud
I have found it ... away to sleep
in your arms so comforting
in your heart so warm
in your thoughts so tempting
in the clouds without storms.
He who believes climbs mountains!


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Thank You!

The path we travel no sidewalk or streets are near.
The journey over mountains became so ever clear
My world ,your world or a world in between
or more like the one created
from our dreams!

Incredible the travels of the mind,
walking down the street
and now your by
Walking down the street or simply drinking tea,
your as close as my nightly dream.
A country walk or a stroll past city square couldn't
compare with what our hearts share.

You are as close as chicory blue that paints the fields in summer and
the song that sings to my heart makes you the silent hummer.

Butterfly wings or little heart strings,
erratic the vibration caused a flutter.
Silence in sadness replace with
songs from another.
I looked with my heart,
to feel with my mind,
to see what my hands
had missed.

Singing> Over sounds of cars rushing in
the street and steps traveled beating on
A song made for you and me as the entrance
bares the letters our love the marquee.
Darling I can feel you , Darling I can see
Darling I am closer then ever in your dreams.

Whisper to me wind , whisper to my heart
whisper of our love that can't be teased apart.
The pieces of a puzzle, scattered made little sense.
one by one the story became a bit intense.
My lips not moving my heart cried out to you
and in response only one thing love could do.

The darkened night moving in with its cold embrace.
A shiver, a chill I couldn't face. Darker , darker the day is
soon to end and the stillness settles in again.
One step closer tells me all that I never knew.
This I know! The stars that shine in my sky tonight will shine in yours!
If ever you feel lonely the moon will set stage for the grandest dance in life
where we embrace in our hearts and feel with our mind and allow our souls
to accompany the melody of song that will sing for all eternity. Morning will
be welcomed with the encounter of the sun that will warm our days, light our
life and reminds us how beautiful laughter is.

The bond that travels distances to kiss like morning dew
and sings like song birds accompanied by my love for you.

If I haven't said thank you today! Thank you!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Where the skyline meets the heavens
and the clouds appear dark and grey,
a little light makes its way to
brighten everyday.
Smile I am with you , always in your heart!
The song melancholy confuses endings with a
Is it a end to yesterday or a beginning to what tomorrow brings our way.
Believe! that there is a little light to every darkness and shines best
when reflecting from your heart.
Poplar stretching up to the sky,
blue jay squawking on branches high.
Ducks a nesting in the stream nearby
and then there’s you and I,
walking through life
side by side.
A Rose without petals, a dream without the fire,
in this equation minutes rush the hour.

The End

Thursday, February 16, 2006


From the beginning of time man has viewed himself as the elite in power over all of the animal kingdom and the world at large. We are not a separate entity from our surroundings . I felt drawn to the edge of the stream, as I listened to the sounds of the water as it rushed with force over the rocks. At that very moment in time the walls of the mind that separates us from the reality of the beauty that life holds came crashing to a fall. I now stood canvassed along with the rest of nature, silently growing and awaiting my time to bloom.
A lilac may take seven years to bloom ,a wisteria might never.
Sad, if we turned our back on all of life’s endeavors.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

To touch

We are not living in a Walter Mitty blues,
let's do a little fox trot in reality shoes.

Meet me Underneath the star lit sky
and we'll dance the night away, you and I.
Place and time cannot distance what love has joined.
When you were reaching , I was reaching back.
To touch
As close as a tadpole to a basses bite
or the moon to the stars that light the night.
I see! but more importantly I feel.
Touch once wakens the mind!
Touch twice wakens the heart!
Repeat to set the soul free!

The minds ability to embrace and breathe life into a day ,
only compliments the finesse of such a soul .

Monday, February 13, 2006


Only when the structure is built of honesty and faith,
can it stand the test of times and the truss recreate.
Once entwined with ivy now entwined with love,
as we rebuild the structure from the earth to
God above!
The Cracks indeed widen and vision became clear
peering past the beams your world just appeared.
No longer mountains way to high to climb
nor rivers so deep and no longer twice as wide.

Sunshine to every morning and light to
every night and this amazing feeling
that makes everyday feel right.

No wonder to the moment, no loss to the beat
The melody sings to a life full and almost


As I took one last gander through this looking glass,
the blue sky widened and a cloud began to pass.
Seeded from the heavens a sprout of golden grass,
where one blade now carpets and now stands in mass.
Whispering in silence , trumpets to the heart.


Friendship - the state of being
Just as people vary so does that of friendship.
It is really quite remarkable how we can touch
and be touched from a distance . The beauty of caring,
as it transforms the moment of the day in this wondrous
gift we call life.
I gave my heart, your love returned.
I felt your joy , the soul to yearn.
In your arms this day I rest, my heartbeat loud upon your chest.
My eyes closed but this I see what your love means to me.
The distance closed and no gap seen , for today I am your queen.
Strong enough to stand the time , the truss supports the impatient mind. Through your eyes I can see, no paralysis to memory. The skies are blue , the clouds are white and your love burns awfully bright.
The river frozen , the waters deep and still my soul cannot sleep.
Restless is the soul within that thirst for life to once begin.
As far as man has come over the years , he has not nearly come far enough.
As far as man can see, he has seen very little.
As far as man has explored ,so much more yet to be explored.
To capture a moment, breathe into it life
To hold you in my arms, silence the sounds of strife.
To set upon a new journey with eyes open wide
and keep your love tucked closely by my side.
When one begins to harmonize with the beauty that surrounds ,
then they will have found true peace and see how love compounds.
What is scattered like dust within the breeze
will become one like the love of you and me.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Incredibly simple

As beautiful as the snow that blankets the hills surrounding the hollow.
I find myself drifting into the dance of summer where the warm sun lit
days find me running through a field of sunflower.
Sunflower , sunflower bask in the sun
Listen to the song of our love.
Sunflower, sunflower give me this dance
Life before me and one more chance.
Sunflower , sunflower petals of sight
guide my choices, as I take flight.
I have always been afraid that life was some how unfair and if something good were going to happen , then we need be prepared for something bad to happen. As if we were bartering with our own soul and the consequences were that extreme joy would bring extreme pain. So amidst the belief that it was possible to have such joy ,the fear that it could be stripped from you at anytime surfaced.

Friday, February 10, 2006

I am Happy!

Goes where ever you go
Gives you hope and faith
Take it on a stroll and
meet it in the night.
I have never felt anything more gentle or more beautiful !
Tonight I sleep and with you in my heart
it must be that one on one that ignites the spark.

If the bubble breaks and I fall who catches me?
I must say I have never felt more at rest or peace.
I f today were to be my last, I have loved and been loved.
~ I am Happy! ~

Where a moment becomes eternity!

They say that life is simply black and white, I'm sure they didn't
get it right. Let's paint those grey skies a wonderful shade of blue.
I see a smile in every face , laughter, joy seen in every place.
Hand and hand strolling the park with you.
The colors of the world blend to my imagination bringing such joy and elation.
I see rainbows in the dark of the night, colors of a heart sent to delight.
I'm afraid to open my eyes, in fear that to my soul my heart lied.

I see rainbows in the dark of the night , colors of a heart sent to delight.
Dancing once more to the joy that you bring , as I listen to the song you sing.
I awakened in the dark of night my heart pounding, my mind scattered like confetti bursting about. Quickly I tried to assemble my thoughts , flashing in a flickering state of light. I felt detached as if I were distant from my body.. Contracting as if the neurons were
a magnetic impulse seeking to form one mass. Outer and inner placement became one.
My feet firm on the ground I visualized peace in its entirety. No yesterday , no tomorrow
one moment where the beauty of life was revealed. I was touched from inside and I welcomed
what I felt with such familiarity .The center of my being saw time and space without end.
Welcome to my world where a moment becomes eternity!

I believe

Experiences and the memories that come from reality of touching the world around us,
is the evolution of character. Each person who crosses our path and every situation
that blooms from within does not determine who we are, only compliments who we are.
The outward appearance shells a life long journey that continues to unfold like that of a
royal rose in a open bud, yet to experience its full beauty of bloom.
Standing in a walk way , a puddle did I cross
as I gazed backward ,I felt a little at a loss.
Reflecting in the water a image did appear
a speckle of a lifetime and then I saw the fear.
I barely recognized the image
but I thought I saw something crawl
until the movement settled
and I saw her hurdling the wall.
I demand and explanation!
it hurts when you fall.
Why was this structure
built so awfully tall?
Anxious and frightened
I couldly hardly recall
the path I was on before
I hit the wall.
A deep breath, clearing
once again and picking
up my life I simply
looked ahead.
Next time crossing puddles
I am never looking back
leaving the luggage where
it belongs in the past.
The journey from birth ...I believe.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Know This

Know this! there is no such thing as only once.
Lest yea condone once!
Once I felt the pain ,
once the fear engrained

Once a dagger plunges fairly deep hard to get a
grip for the price to pay is mighty steep.

The tear behind thy eyes cry out in silence!


People, places and unknown faces
Laughter and Joy of what life brings
I touched the morning , I felt the breeze
or was it the moment that touched me.
I wanna believe that the sun will always shine
through your heart to mine.

Ambrosia’s forbidden treat, food of God’s are bitter sweet.
Hungry heart and restless soul, tries to fill the empty hole.
Different tune for everyday, melody of my love played.

If you have sensed fear once It is once to many.
I have been frightened more then once.
The voice of control

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Would You like to play in the snow?

Would you like to play in the snow? Make angels and watch love grow.
Warm the chill right out of your bones , freeze time as if it were stone.

Would you like to play in the snow? Build a igloo and catch some snow.
Warm the chill right out of your bones , freeze time as if it were stone.

Would you like to pay in the snow? Say yes and let me Know!

I think to myself how simple is life and the joys in it. Everyday they are all around you just waiting like a harp to be played, each string a sound of beauty all its own. I was told that many people forget what it's like to be a child and that reminded me of one of the first lessons in safety with children that I learned. Get down to a childs level and look around at your home to see what it is a childs see and then take safety precautions to make your home safe. I would like to that one step further . Take a look through the eyes of a child and refresh your memory on how simple and wonderful life is.. through the eyes of a child.

Catch the clouds on a sunny day
Squeeze out all the warmth
and when you feel sad and blue
it will chase away those storms

The job of a parent is to make memories for a child to last a lifetime.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

That little thing called love....

That little thing called love.. what hasn’t been written about love?
The emotion that we seek to experience that causes chemicals
in our body to react releasing sometimes a uncontrollable
desire to touch and be touched. Love seen in
various forms blend beautifuly to create joy
and warmth so unique with a surreal quality of its own..

When the clouds dissipate and a clearing does appear ,
I will remember you my love as I gaze on
from the pier.
Scattered like wild flowers gone to seed,
is the little whispers of our love blowing in the breeze.
I cannot hold to gloom and doom no heavy heart for me ,
for I have chanced to feel your love
now a part of me.
Perfect love is not something you can possess, it is the beauty that is seen in all of the world around you and only heightened when shared. I thought about episodes of my life where I have felt strongly for another. How unselfish is that of true love. It is truly spoken that expectations dampen the purity of a perfect love.

Expect nothing, give everything
allow your heart to feel and know
that when we walk this earth the
the mysteries will unveal.
Why has time unfairly played this game with me.
To walk alone in journey and feel so empty.
Then a book he opens up to me and there
through out the pages more questions
do I see.
Our Connection
Trust places us in each others arms.
Where all thought become of one

Felt in every breeze that dares to touch my heart.
Seen in the burst of sun that first creates the spark.
Trust blanketed with respect brings warmth which lead to a
bed of love accompanied by the beauty of life. Sweet melody
sings the song of joy to the heart that cares to listen.
I f you dared but once to see the heart that weeps to memories.
Rain , Rain wash away the sadness of yesterday.
Drop by drop a tear does fall to cleanse the heart
and down the wall.
Regret not I
Regret not I,for I have loved and had returned
from my beloved.
Regret not I, for I have felt and unto you
my body knelt.
Regret not I, for that not seen until
your love appeared to me.
Regret not I , for I have lived
and for the past I will forgive.
Regret not I, for who I am
as this was already in the plan.
I have walked a path with questions along the way,
A glance through eyes of childhood
the memories never stray.
I have not stood in judgement for
inocense betrayed , but now I vow
the years fade ,as I begin a new crusade.
It's that Crazy little thing called Love..
Gives joy to the moment
a mountain does it move
and when I smile this
night know that I
am loving

Friday, February 03, 2006

Running through a Field of Dreams

The skies umbrella over the hills was that of a dark grey
and at the same time it was illuminated by a light.
Eerie as for that one moment all vision was clear.
Running through a field of dreams , I was snagged by your memory.
Abrasive is the thoughts you bring, a touch a bit rough like that of emery

Running through a field of dreams, I was snagged by your memory.
I could feel your love surround, kept my feet firmly on the ground.

Running through a field of dreams, I was snagged by your memory.
The energy sent to me , bubbled inside and kept on popping.

Running through a field of dreams, I was snagged by your memory.
Now I hold you close to me , where our love live will live free.

Running through a field of dreams, I was snagged by your memory.
Running through a field of dreams, I was................

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Reaching out to hold your hand...

Identity - A individual distinctive personality
Whether a creation of ones own thoughts
and aspiration or a element derived from DNA
at conception.
There in the deepest part of our
being lies the soul as unique as life itself.
My thoughts scrambled as I glanced once more
through the decisions of the past . A willingness
to please chipped away at my own Identity. At
a loss or misplaced I struggled to hold on to
that which was seeded from birth and was
as natural to me as the sun that warms the
Someone’s child best behave.
Someone’s wife my soul enslaved.
Someone’s mother my heart I gave.

Through my daughters eyes I saw my weakness and my strength.
Through my daughters eyes I see my weakness and my strength.

I loved baseball ... baseball is a boring game.
I like music of all kinds including country... who would dare listen to that.
I loved the house on the hill... who want live on that road.
It is so hard as the wall invisible to the eye of most,
is built of brick tough enough to retain the ghost.
Even the walls of Jericho tumbled to a fall.
So I am sure that brick by brick I can remove the wall.

I can’t sleep... reaching out to hold your hand.

If Life is But a Canvas..

If life is but a canvas and you the painter dear
, open up your heart and sketch our love in there.
A little bit of sunshine , a little bit of rain,
a little bit of laughter gives meaning to the day.

If life is but a canvas and you the painter dear
, open up your heart and sketch our love in there.
A little bit of lace, a ribbon through the hair
and don't forget to etch the answer to my prayer.

If life is but a canvas and you the painter dear,
open up your heart and sketch our love in there.
Your arms to hold me , your song to sing good night
and the dance of the moment that makes the world
feel right.