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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Treasure of Love is Never Old

I have found myself more than once rereading my own words and trying to hold on to the positive thoughts and experiences. I sometimes look at it as reminders and other times I find that I am analyzing times past and the present and forming my own conjecture. Flipping through the many pages it was as if I was getting another glimpse of the journey. Some believe that dreams are foolish and in nature a waste of time. I thought of my dreams, both day dreams and the ones I wake up in the middle of the night are beautiful and my favorite are those that seem to break through the barriers of darkness to infuse the sweetness of loves embrace.
The year has been positive in nature, I think good things have come out of the past several months. In one sense there is a loneliness that has yet to be filled and the hunger for it brings tears from deep within my soul and yet I know the pleasure of a realm that few will ever understand. As if the pages of the book of life are moving faster and faster and the chapters and characters changing at the utmost speed.
A script, a part in a play, as if most of the time I am standing upon the stage, the character in an unwritten play and as I step down, I find myself sinking in a pit like that of quick sand. Two separate worlds one where I flourish another which has all the entrapment of a spiders web. Troubled I reach out to find who is standing with their heart open and their rms reaching out.
Sometimes I find it bizarre that people some how connect and feel a kinship that has them welcoming me, reaching out with a warm embrace and sharing their most inner thoughts and emotions. Yet the day will end and we will part and loneliness will find its start. The sun will set, the room will darken and and another morn we'll await as time records both night and day. I feel the emotions sorrow and despair and sometimes it's laughter with joy through the air. When all is said and the time will end, who will remember and what will transcend?
So I find I'm here alone, I'm in my room with nowhere to go. Pillow fluffed, blanket close and I read the words of love with eyes closed. Inconspicuous still I find, they are written by the soul and mind, scripted in the heart like gold, the treasure of love is never old. Over and over the words of dreams, hope and faith and mystical things, I can feel you in my heart, somethings even time can't part. Love is magical, a breath of life and in my heart it feels so right.
There is still so much to do and yet I am tired, can I see it through? Tomorrow will come, it never waits, and has much to give but it always takes. The stage of life and again I'll step and prepare to take, happiness, peace and loves design and create a scenery of heaven high. Heartache, sorrow, pain and despair, I refuse to let any of it near. I close my eyes and off to sleep, and the words of love shall write my dreams.When the night is underway only goodness is allowed to stay. Light the darkness, warm the night, I'm in the arms of love tonight.
Trouble spirits go away you are not welcome here to stay, I have mastered the path of fear and only souls of love can enter here. Can you see it, do you know why the path before us is undefined? Faith has paved it, love enhanced and happiness imbedded not by chance. Hold my hand and follow me, I promise you the best of dreams. We will do it, I know we can, love is precious and in demand.

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