Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Our World

This is our world, yours and mine,
from earth to the heavens through
the blue of the sky.

Void of darkness, gloom and despair,
only warmth like the sunshine in our

Sliding on rainbows, free like a bird,
over rivers and mountains,the heart
and soul concur.

Love has surfaced and the joy is so
rare, which bonded our souls on
the happiness pier.

High above the water, safe and surreal,
the embrace of your love is all I

The treasure buried so deep in the
heart, until the gates were opened
to where the dreams all depart.

Created of a substance both
concrete and cotton, sturdy
like steel and soft with out
need for caution.

This is our world, where only
love can be found with the
magic of dreams from the
clouds on down.
I question the wind both calm and cool,
it tickles the heart and it plays with the soul.
Showers down love and yet keeps it at bay,
teasing the spirit in the most confusing of way.

I question the seasons as they come and go,
releasing the spirit and imprisoning it so.
What is the meaning and where does it
lead?both sow and nuture are needed
to seed.

My needs are simple,
my wants you must know,
are  for you to hold me tightly
and never let go.

Lips of sweetness like honey
on fire,melting madness drips
through the hour.

The feel of your flesh, a shoulder
to lean and a heart so big our
reflection can be seen.

My needs are simple, to share in
a way that makes each moment
special both night and day.

It is through my daughters eyes that I see
the questions my own soul failed to answer.

The heart leads with conscience,
 the soul leads by truth.

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