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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Review of My Heart

This post came up in a search  by one of my readers. I almost didn't recognize my own writing or at least I can safely say I don't remember writing it. Where were my thoughts, what was I thinking? In reality I have always connected with nature and I know the love I feel is forever. Nothing has really changed other than my level of awareness. Almost as if there is a heightened experience as I look back and become reminded of this life. When I say nothing has changed I don't necessarily mean in the physical, as the world goes about with many changes. But on a spiritual level, I see the world pretty much the same as I always have. Love is grand when sown in the heart and allowed to grow it flourishes and blooms in everything around us.

My forever,
knows no limit,
will exceed all time,
born in the heavens
embraces the mind.

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Margie said...

So glad you shared 'not just another snowflake' wonderful writing, Lisa.