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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, September 25, 2009

Tenacious Elements

Adhering to the moment, a silhouette I believe was dancing in the flames of my midnight dreams. I felt a tug, it pulled on the inside, leaving passion and love not far behind. Filtering my memories, I left the good fall through and tucked them in my heart as a reminder of how much I love you. Pretty petals, soft and white, I placed them on my pillow and I wished you a good night.

Voglio Vederti Stasera

Voglio vederti stasera,
I want to hold you close,
whisper words of love
and never ever let you go.

Voglio verderti stasera,
to make our dreams come
true, embrace forever as
I make love to you.

Voglio verderti stasera,
to feel the closeness of
our hearts, to love like
no other from earth to
the stars.

Voglio verderti stasera,
if only in my dreams, I'll
close my eyes and dance
to memory.

Voglio verderti, stasera,
beyond the clouds on our
star, where the heaven has
cast, you the king of my

Voglio verderti, stasera,
I want to hold you tight,
rearrange the shadows
and reveal the passion
of the night.

Threads of a friendship woven of gold,
resilient and beautiful a magical hold.

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