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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, March 22, 2010

Whispering Soul

I love the feel of soft cotton gentle against my skin
reminds me how gently I was touched from within.
Listen with your heart, watch out and you will surely see, love is the answer to all our dreams. I heard the music playing, the song for you and I and when I opened my heart I found you were there inside. Yearning to hold you, to feel your hand in mine and walk through life under blue skies. Listen with your, watch out and you will surely see, love is the answer to all our dreams.
My heart is an agreement, it recognized the smiles,
it led me to you from across the miles.
What are tears made of? Tears are the emotion love creates, generated by the heart to flood the gates. Filled with happiness and joy and occasionally sorrow is suddenly employed. The passion flows from the soul, where the dreams take a hold. The memories both warm and cold are like a river of new and old. Tears are made of blue skies and gray and they are able to wash the pain away.
The dreams are necessary to take flight,
empowered by the soul they give the heart sight.
You don't need a trained eye to see beyond the mountains high,
the view is best seen if first you believe. From the heart you''ll find,
that love leaves little signs of all my love for you.
I feel the energy as it empowers my soul
and shares the beauty of your heartfelt hold.
You are the magic that only life can bring,
you are the sunshine, you are my everything.
Faith... the gift of love bestowed upon the soul as it guides it blindly to your arms.
Take my hand and hold it tight,
my love is yours each and every night.
Allow it to freely flow and to bring you
happiness as our friendship grows.

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