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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

In the light of the Moon

The visions seen within each dream explains the magic of love and life and the power which is bestowed upon the soul. The beating of the heart as it encases the moment with an embrace that can be felt at a distance. The laboring of breath and the silence of the night unite to bring about both a feeling of excitement and a calm that teases the spirit into a state of ecstasy. I glanced into the mirror and I was mesmerized by my own reflection, for my eyes spoke of your love and a smile emerged at the mere thought of your presence. There was an eeriness to the room as I felt a breeze brush against my soul, I quickly looked behind to a realization that I was not alone and that you were indeed behind me, beside me, in my heart and my soul. Once again I closed my eyes and prepared to lay my head down upon the pillow, I felt such a joy explode from within and the excitement was impossible to hold back as tears of happiness flowed gently down my cheek. Feeling ever so grateful for a love that is so kind and passionate, warm and wonderful, I now experienced heaven here on earth. It was not an end to the day but a start that would lead us down the path of tomorrow.


It wasn't the love songs that played all night long or the visions I dreamt of that placed me in your arms. My soul embracing, my heart knew the scene well, I repeat it each morning, one kiss to the one who I adore. Wake up! my love, stay close to me, I'm loving you more then it was possible to believe.
The Words of Love

I know the snow will melt, it will never see July, each day a little brighter, with you in my life. You are my sunshine, you warm my heart so, your love the rays of happiness, that just grow and grow and grow.

Outside it's bitter cold, the ice mountain high, but the only chill I feel is the one where you caught me by surprise. You're in all my thoughts and in all that I see and do, you're the whisper of the morning and stars of night blue.

I would simply say I love you though it barely seems enough, so my soul took on the heavens to script the words above. You can read them in the blue sky,on each cloud that passes by, in the rays of the morning and in the night where dreams make you mine.
I wasn't aware so many different kind of song birds stayed the winter, until I refilled the bird feeder with various seeds. From the striking red of the Cardinal to the to the Golden finch they all came together in their quest for food on the trail of survival.
Though snow blankets the hills and alayer of ice eight inches thick or more covers anything flat, winter still seemed relatively short this year. Maybe it is the brighter days that reminds us spring is indeed approaching and no amount of winter scenery can prevent the inevitable changing of the seasons.
I realized more with each day that passes, that it's not about good or bad times. Love, full and complete, is an unmeasurable amount of respect that is capable of standing tall through all that life sends our way.
In the silence of the morning ,
the heart now speaks, gingerly kissing,
I stand in disbelief. The words of love from
your heart to mine, whispers of happiness
in a paradise divine.


Margie said...

I always love to read your writings, Rachel.
Thank you!

Margie :)

Mark said...

You write with passion and love!