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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, July 15, 2013

I am all alone

It is a do nothing kind of day. It is close to a hundred, humid , dark , gray, quiet and I find myself thinking of you.

I am all alone
with nothing to do,
but to lay here thinking
of me and you.

My heart trembles,
of what I would do,
if I had my way
and I was there
with you.

The sun is shining
and still I can't see,
for the leaves on the
trees block the rays
of sweet memory.

I am all alone
with nothing to do,
but to lay here thinking
of me and you.


I'll tell you of the magic,
the sparks like the fire
within my soul.

I'll tell you of the dreams
and the love that cast
you the lead.

I'll tell of stories about forever
and the love that you my
sweet delivered.

  I tried the varied combinations of desire,
but only one could set my soul on fire.
What are these tears that fall? Do they have a meaning or is it heartache that comes to call? From my heart each teardrop falls and into my dreams a pool of memories leave an awe. Weep not my heart, don't cry another day, don't let the years of sadness make a foolish play. Wipe them gently from your cheek and listen to your soul and dare to believe. That somewhere someone waits, somewhere  some one calls out my name.

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