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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

P E P...my daily fix

You know when you read an old love letter, you get a different perspective of a time long gone. I can't believe how fast the years have passed by. I was forty four years old when I escaped into a world that was outside my mind and yet in a uncanny way inside at the same time. No two people are a like but some of us have more similarities than others. In a bizarre way we find a comfort zone when we can be our self , without any worry of acceptance. It is not enough to love a person but to receive that unconditional love back is crucial for that love that is like fireworks.

Life is but chance
and by chance you
may see a road
that leads your
love to me.

Happiness is meant
to be shared, in
doing so it shows
how much you
can care.

It is not that I
am needy or
dependent on you,
but a partner is
necessary to
dance in the blue.

Tonight when you
close your eyes,
remember this,
I am in your
heart your soul
and mind.


I opened my heart to reveal my soul...

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