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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, June 23, 2014


I held my pillow tightly,
blindly kiss the air as
if the night was magical
and you were truly here.

I raced through my memories,
stumbled on a few and fell
into the arms of love,
the day that I met you.

There was no time of judgment,
no signs of heartache or fear,
as the day was mighty special,
when our hearts we dared to share.

I held my pillow tightly,
kissed blindly the air, as
if the night was magical
and you were truly here.

I close my eyes so very tight and
it is always you my heart of light.
Holding my hand you never let go,
that is why our love continues to grow.

The darkness takes on the night
and still our love shines so bright.
Like  the stars that sparkle in the sky
and the moon that belongs to
you and I.

Embraceable images of two and
of the love that grew and grew,
in the dance high on the clouds
first there was me and then there
was you.

If this is truly a dream, please
don't wake me till next spring
as I am tucked into the arms of love
wearing only a smile for that
special one.

I  tightly close my eyes
and there I find you are here,
my true friend and the one
that I love as our souls bonded
two into one.

My friend, my lover and the one
whom my life I share,
from the moment you showed
just how much you cared.

Don't wake me if this is a dream,
because this is just how life should be.
Don't wake me if this is a dream,
as I want to hold on to the memories.


In a tear you will find,
all the memories,
foolish dreams,
all the love I have
for you.

In my heart you will find,
I never let you go,
I held you so ever close,
I kept you here with me.


I know it is special,
this love I have for you,
calms me in the night
and never says adieu.

Good morning sweetheart,
I leave with you a kiss as
I send my love via
the morning mist.

Place your head upon my pillow,
let me whisper in your ear and
tell you how much I love you
and how much I truly care.

Place your hand in mine and
stroll the day with me as I
challenge the moment and
make even winter feel like

Place your love safely in my heart
and I'll keep a watch from the start.
Never ever to let your love go,
with a little nurturing it will continue
to grow.

Place your soul next to mine
and travel side by side ,
on a journey where I am yours
and you are mine.


I need a little push...and sometimes a little pull... I need you.

Screams in silence,
calls your name,
over and over and
over again.

Haunting reality,
restless soul and
troubled mind
questions what
tomorrow brings.


I can't sleep until I know
your heart is open and
your arms wide and that
tomorrow you are by my side.

I can't control the hour
nor the moment or the
day, when a chapter was
written and we turned
the page.

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