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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Our Moon

Let everyone sleep,
this moon is yours and mine,
our hearts close together
and souls entwined.

The stars a blanket
where magic transpires,
bringing love together
more with every hour.

keep your eyes closes
and you will sure know,
I am right there beside you,
I never left your side.

Reach out to the heavens,
to the stars that shine at night.
I'm as close as your thoughts
under our moon light.

Haunting music
wordless song of the night,
exudes the love
from the heart the love of you and I.

Like whispers from the mountains
or the sound of the seas,
the heart speaks of what you
mean to me.


Heavy tears,
a life time hold,
memories of yesterday
that never get old.

Flowing from the heart,
weeps the souls,
reaching out to you
to forever hold.

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