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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

I Am Happy!

There are times when dreaming is just not enough,
that is where the right partner comes into play. 

You can  blow away the moment, you can put to sleep the flesh, but when your heart merged with mine, forever was put to a test. You can't separate and there is no great divide,your love shines out from deep inside. I have to come to know the greatest love of all, it is the comfort and compassion that to your arms I fall.

As the sun makes its way into my garden,
your love found its way into my heart.

With you behind me, the camera lens takes on a different view.  
Some of us are just bigger dreamers.
Follow your heart and dance with me,
this moment is ours for all eternity.

The curtains wide open, no shades
of gray, only sunshine will find its way.

I feel the moment,the dreams surreal,
as a kiss to my heart makes it almost
stand still.

I can' t help from smiling when I think
of you, for you are the love that dances
under the blue.

I'll never know sorrow, I'll never be blue
as long as I feel your love coming through.
The season's keep moving they are awfully
fast, as if they control the moment and have
the last laugh.

In all reality spring through winter time, is a
documentation of this life of mine. It remembers
each moment and acknowledges the truth,
that I am so happy when I am with you.

Like a flower in spring time and the first snow
fall, is immeasureable magic because with you
I have it all.
I had written a piece late last night and instead of posting I saved it. It was about the ultimate in freedom, freedom of the soul. I had thought this journey made very little sense for sometime, but as the truth reveals itself and my ability to see it strengthens, I have become free of the weight I had placed upon myself. I am not sure what actually  lifted the weights, time, rereading particular dialogue or my willingness to see the reality. All in all I had come to the conclusion it was about readiness and growth. I have removed any form of judgement upon self and upon the situations that occured throughout  my life. For we are responsible for our own actions and our own voice and that is what divides the moment. The truth is not always easy to see, but is always there to be seen. I compare the moment to a badly painted canvas, you can always take another coat of paint and wipe it out and start over.
It is not about one person or one experience, it is about knowing that I released the chains that bound me. I am human with the simple desire to love and be loved. I take responsibility for my actions and my actions alone. I did not create the canvas of childhood nor did I choose the negativity of the past and so today I feel the ultimate of love and acceptance, the love and acceptance that one can show for themself...I am worthy of such a love.
Misty Moments

The rain is falling, the sun hides behind the clouds
and through the darknesss a glimmer of light is found.
I can't help but smile there is joy in the air, from the
moment I accepted that fate brought you here.

The dreams are but a gateway for our love to pass
and though I am not sure which road we'll travel,
I'll save the best for last.

The sky is blue and becomes bluer with each day,
as I welcome you into my heart to stay.Happiness
is all around from the moment you were found,
falling from those puffy clouds.

Removes false responsibility, ignorance, denial, insecurities, judgement and failure and replaces it with the power of love. Love... it is always so intriguing as it the most powerful of all the emotions and capable of healing with time.

Closes Eyes, Opens Heart

When I close my eyes I get a view through the heart and there I see your love and  feel the fames you indeed sparked. Tender are your arms that hold me in the night, safe from the darkness you embrace to the morning light. When I close my eyes it is obvious to me that you are as close as close as you can be. Your the sunlight in my morning, the moon beams at night, you are my love, the love of my life.

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