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Monday, August 16, 2010

Energy Follows Thought

There are so many emotions that we experience in life, denial of them is to remain in limbo without completely digesting them. In allowing ourselves to journey through them we are able to surface above the negativity and soar freely with the power of the positive. It is not a judgement call as we explore our own reaction to various situations. We develop and learn and move forward. Not moving forward is like staying on the same page of a book and not being able to read the next chapter. I look back at the chapters of life and I realize they are no longer a part of who I am, that is the choice I make in what to pack and what to leave behind. In many ways I have learned to sift through all the emotions and keep the positive ones within me to guide me. The few days I was away, some crops were ready for harvest and others grew wild and aimlessly about. That is exactly how life is it keeps on growing and moving and if you don't grow with it, you rot in the vine.

It has already been written you had me from hello... it is when we build walls of expectation that we limit the magic of love and life.

Unlock the gate of my dreams...

Denial of any emotion is to imprison the soul.

I stepped forward to find your love waiting there for me.

If there were no more summers,
no more winters of gray,our
love would still be recorded
in a most unusual way.

In every rainbow that stretches
across the sky, in ever blue
bird that flies high.

If there were no more tomorrows,
no dreams, hope nor faith,
there still would be the love
that nothing could fade.

In every raindrop and in the
sunlit rays, our love will
be eternal in this most powerful

I know my darling,
I know it to be true,
the angels are watching
over me and you.

I know your sweetness
so precious and kind
embraces my soul for
all of time.

I know I don't care
what people say, that
you are with me forever
times a day.

I know I love you and
you love me, I know this
is just how love was
meant to be.

The principle behind "energy follows thought" is simple. Where we direct our thoughts in a positive manner, positive energy will follow.In some ways a personality can be a magnet and its source draw people near, we can also be drawn by our own visualization by simply focusing on positive we can create positive and draw positive in our direction. Therefore we are responsible for the negative and positive in our life as we are empowered at birth with and created through a source of energy.

When I smile and you smile the world
becomes anew to the moment we met and
I fell in love with you.

Our bodies the shelter for the soul
and the mind, as your energy and mine
are entwined.

Distance has nothing on you and, as we
Challenged the rivers and the blue of
the sky.

Clearing the way it's obvious to see,
that you are the best part of me.

Love, the warmth of your being brings
a comfort to my soul.

This is the world in which we live,

these are the dreams that bring you to me,

this is the moment that I waited for,

where your love washes up upon shore

from the deepest depth of the sea.


Sifting through the memories I saved more than
a few, the ones where you are with me and we
paint the sky various shades of blue.

I closed my eyes and the darkness took on a
different view, powerful the energy and there in
black I saw a shimmers of light in many colors
and hues.
Listen my darling and I promise to you, the sounds of love will sing from heavens blue. Feel my love, I have sent it to you, to keep you happy day and night through. Know my sweetheart, know this is true, the words I write from my heart are for you.

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