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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Love

Like a page torn from a story, words are but a few but they entail the magic that brought my love to you. My heart was given, my soul strolled right through and the dreams are like a mountain and your love the stream that runs to meet the river blue. The stars shine in silence, the moon silhouettes two and in the dark of night I beg the heavens high to allow our beings to dance like lovers do.. Dreams were created to soothe my troubled soul and the day was cast to breaks the devils hold. Words are written to acknowledge what we already know that the magic is from our souls and like a star it glows.

Sings >I'm living,I'm living, I'm
living in a dream,  to feel your
arms, just to feel you holding
 me so tenderly.

I'm living,I'm living, I'm
living in a dream,
to feel your breath
breathe love into me.

I can't function without the energy infused through your love.


My need of you and my want of you both battle
the emptiness which resides from the distance of your being.

Worse than the ache in my heart is that of the pain of my soul
which hungers to replace the absence of your being.

Swimming in the tears of sorrow...

It is just about midnight and I lay here with my mind traveling almost as fast as the speed of light. It is as if I am scanning every experience, conversation and emotion that had been filed away, only to be pulled to the surface when necessary. In your absence I have come to understand the power of love and how it can touch at a depth that is immeasurable but absolute. Love's embrace, it has the ability to touch the heart and the soul and cradle like a child as it comforts our very being. Only positive memories are surfacing and I smile as I review those which brought the most amount of joy. I feel the extremes of my inner emotions which straddle the moment and craze my being.Part of me lost to the abyss and another part of me celebrates a love which reaches through the darkness as it tugs on to my being.
Trying to file everything according to importance I felt troubled as the emptiness inside begged for to share my pillow, my moment, my dreams and in my love. Distancing my heart only caused a hunger that was uncontrollable. I feel as if I have entered another realm one of emptiness and loneliness. I closed my eyes only if to bring you here and allow your love to merge one with my soul. Though I thought the tears remained behind my eyes not one tear could be released as if they were of another chapter and not allowed here in our world in this moment of reality. Numb and separate from the world around me, I felt both and end and a beginning.

It is not of my wants and desire but the reality of what is. 


In trying to control my emotions I found my desire for you comforting....
I love you so, I want you so and I need you so.

Without you I am but a shadow of my self.
One or a thousand and two, each pillow
 has your name with the script I love you.


My heart spoke of our love,
my soul knew it was meant to be. 
The dreams cast you my lover
and I in your arms for all eternity.


Without you there is only darkness... 


Anonymous said...


amrit said...

heart,soul,body all in fusion-a true love situation.amrit

Rachel C Miller said...

Thank You anonymous but I think you are biased. Smiles:]

Rachel C Miller said...

It is so nice to have you stop back and visit. Heart, Soul and Body is the ultimate fusion.

Maria said...

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