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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, August 08, 2010

Feels the tenderness of your touch....sweet love

In theory a dimension is that which is created by a boundary, where there are no boundaries the space and time becomes endless. I shall let no boundaries be built in the mind or in the heart nor will I allow the distance to create a wall to keep you afar. When the sun has set and the darkness rules the sky, I will  choose the star where our souls will embrace and our love will tightly entwine.

Complicated is what happens when the heart and
soul speaks and the mind refuses to listen. 

Time reveals the truth and the truth is that we are drawn to the physical but it our inner soul that will bring us happiness. Look beyond the surface of our being to embrace all that we are and all that we can be. 

As I close my eyes and I remove all barriers of the mind I am than capable of feeling the warmth of your embrace. In the darkness your love guides me to a realm of space beyond the abyss, where our souls celebrate the bond of our beings... sweet dance upon the mountains, embrace beyond the dark,love for all eternity, soul to soul and heart to heart.

Like a ship lost at sea,
no matter which way you turn,
there is an endless space waiting
to be explored.
To the clouds I send my kiss,
to the rain upon him lips, 
allow him to feel my love
with sweet tenderness.

To the heavens my plea, 
to the dark of night I sing, 
soft whispers of my love,
to you through all your dreams.

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