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Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, August 21, 2010

...to spend each moment loving you

Once a month reminders are the roses in bloom,
documenting a season in passing as I hold on to you.
The hills still chatter of yesterday, the memories
you sparked and the dreams that just wont fade.

The winds teasing,gently blows and to the leaves
an invitation to spiral one by one to the ground.
The images are captured by the mind as it trips
the heart and holds still the moments when you
are around.
I am completely fulfilled when our souls entwine...

I'm the mountain that reaches high up to the sky and
I'm the sunshine whose rays on you shining bright.
You are the love that holds me in the night and you
are the magic that to my soul invites.

Forever Love

I can't stop these feelings that caught me by surprise, for when you are not near me, inside I just want to die. Empty am I without you, I can't bare to be alone and not be there beside you holding on and not letting go. There is a certain kind of magic that not just anyone can feel, it showers from the heavens and breaks down all the shields. Some describe it as a foolish summer love, but I know this is different as you and I are wrapped up in a blanket of forever love.  

Sings;Feel my energy, taste my kiss,
sweet dreams, heavens bliss.
Crossing the ocean blue,
I'm sending all my love to you.

Feel my heart beat, faster and
faster and incredible feat,thinking
of you and I and how we painted
the blue of the sky.

Feel  me next to you, it is
remarkable what love can do,
Climb a mountain and sail a sea,
and bring to life this fantastic dream.

Feel the power of the wind, energy
from the heavens, placed within it
my love for you and when you feel
it my love will have made it through.

Feel my love in you, it is what our
energy can do. I reached on out
for you and I felt your love and
knew that it was true.

Feel me when you awake, I'm the
love that to bed you take. Placed
my head upon you chest and my
heart in yours to gently rest.

Man has the ability to complicate the most simple of facts. Considering we consist of approximatively sixty percent water and  six basic elements of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen,nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus, I would say we are nothing more than a perfect combination of mass which allows us the ability to think and express ourself in various ways through emotions and thus displaying our inner source of energy
In all reality our superiority comes from our ability to react to either a physical or an emotional source of energy. Our cellular structure more than sixty percent water can be affected by the tide and the phase of the moon as we are  basically a combination of elements not separate from the universe but one with the universe. Even in biblical times they were aware that we were of the earth and to the earth we would return, " ashes to ashes, dust to dust."
It is obvious that we exist do to our location in the solar system. As is the importance for all of life, location, location, location. It is my desire not to see what separates us from our world but what unites us as one with the world for we are created of water and stardust and a mass of energy.
When we are born we are already learning to use our energy, when we want fed or attention we cry and than as we grow we master using energy in many ways from walking to running to a more developed form of communication. What really separates us in thought from youth through maturity? I would have to say that only experience alters the way we use the energy of our cellular structure. In believing that we have experienced all and know all we limit the use of our energy. It is obvious that mans existence is due to unlocking the correct combination of elements and thus creating a mass of energy that has untapped abilities.
The mind altered by experience but not limited to experience as we remain in control of how we use our energy. It is so that positive thought does indeed attract positive thought and that in itself makes our ability to not only react but control the energy within. This train of thought came due to several issues, one had to do with whether the moon in its various phases does indeed controls the tide and affects the mind and alter our actions. Which all led me to what is our purpose and what do we do with this proposed energy that is apart of our very being. As I gaze into the stars on a clear summer night sky you cannot help but become aware of our place in the universe.Unlike making a mistake in sewing, where you can pull out the stitches and resew. That which we do to our world has an everlasting effect in the future of earth and the existence of our form of energy.
Love is a way of sharing the positive energy as we reach out with simple words of kindness or actions like that of a smile, we are thus capable of altering the world around us. It is possible to change the world for the better and that starts with each individual taking responsibility for their own actions and thoughts.
I conclude as I think back over all the people who have entered and exited my life that it is but a stepping stone that leads us down the path through and energy field created of love. Only we are capable of altering the affects that each person has on us. Some may call it a chapter, a lesson of life, a pathway on the journey or an opportunity through the darkness to bring light. I didn't want it to happen nor did I want to make it so but as we travel through life we have to acknowledge each experience hold the positive and let the negative go. Each day is built on loving and this love led me to you and as I kiss your lips good night and hold your heart  in mine, I embrace with your energy as our souls entwine.

What is...is!

Once people can see that they are not above the power of the universe
but one with the mass of energy will they see the simplicity that dwells above..

Feel the energy and allow it to flow, 
we have crossed all  the barriers,
 just let it  all go.

My love or you  spans all time , the 
words are written and our souls 

Everlasting and forever true, this
mass of molecules really loves you. 

We are made of stardust,
from the celestial skies,
and mixed with H20
we are controlled by the

Tilts my head back,closes my eyes,
 and feels your kiss reach deep inside.

I love you so and I just want you
to know, that I will never let you go.

The moment is yours and mine and
on your sweetness I'll forever dine.

I love you so and I just want you
to know, that I will never let you go.

Buzz, buzz, buzz said the bumble bee,
buzz, buzz, buzz all around me.

Buzz, buzz, buzz when I am with
you, I'll be your honey under skies
of blue.

Buzz, buzz, buzz said the bumble
bee, buzz,buzz, buzz, I am so happy.

Buzz,buzz, buzz, till we fall asleep
buzz, buzz, buzz in all my dreams.
From the moment I wake up,
till the moment I fall asleep,
it is you my love in both
my day and nightly dreams.


La la la takes on a different view,
La la la under the heavens blue.
La, la, la in my arms tonight,
La, la la your might moon delight.

La la la means I love you.


amrit said...

love is so immense a companion who embodies the true lovers day in day out.a sheer source of happiness it is.amrit

Anonymous said...

Cara Mia ti voglio bene