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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Happy Wednesday... The Bucket List

I have felt your love brush up against my soul and
find its place within my heart. 

I have always believed that our heaven and hell is experienced right here on earth. Our ability or not to deal with the consequence of our actions leads us in various directions. There were a few things that turned the gears of thought one was the movie " The Bucket list " and the other the death of Martin Shorts wife to Cancer. I at one time thought if I knew the untimely date of my death, I would be able to complete my reasons for being on earth. Once faced with my own human vulnerability and knowing death was near, I realized that I had little fight with in me to survive in this human realm upon earth and when the time came I was ready. At that moment and time I felt finished and complete. My how time changes your perspective and since that time I have felt as if I had been given a second chance at life.
When I first thought about creating a " Bucket list" that is a list of things you want to do before you kick the bucket. I thought I had achieved everything that I needed for fulfillment " to be loved as I love." That was my first thought and in feeling your love I have experienced the beauty and the calm and yes a sense of peace for when my time comes I will be ready.
Dwelling on the subject, I thought of the sub-context to "being loved as I love." There was definitely minor topics that surfaced, not one of them really mattered, unless of course they were being shared with a loved one. When I looked at a list of people and their Bucket list they all had pretty much the same thing, One was their work related achievements, family, health, contribution to society finance and personal development. I looked at the average list, I gave my all to my work, family and tried to maintain health and hopefully have given back to society, which left finance and personal development. Finances were never high on the list, remember " I believe we can live on love" and personal development, I believe that is an ongoing journey till the day we pass from this earthly realm to our more spiritual one. So I again looked at my desires on a more personal note, what did I want to achieve personally that would bring the most amount of happiness to me. 

Well I thought as most parents I wanted to be able see all my children as responsible adults and watch them giving back in a positive way to the community. That in itself is a legacy that I leave behind my children, grandchildren etc.   I want to retain the peace within myself that accepts the journey and all the experiences that still await. But than more selfish thoughts occurred, they seemed rather simple and so this is a list I would love to accomplish. 

I wanna hold your hand and walk the sandy shores, 
gaze into the blue sky and again thank the Lord. 

I wanna to wake up with my head upon your chest,
listening to each beat of your heart and know that 
I am blessed.  

I wanna to feel your embrace as we are standing 
in the rain and know that it doesn't matter if 
people are looking on as if we are insane.

I wanna experience fully and fill your breath 
upon my cheek and freeze that moment 
when our lips first begin to meet. 

I wanna lay beside you mesmerized by
the stars and hear only the sound of 
two beating hearts. 

Oh! there are many things I think about and would love to accomplish, such as traveling to places around the world, making my company successful ,educating and making people aware of the pure and simplistic form of love. But all in all none of them really mattered, what mattered most was being able to share the love inside of me with the person I love most. Experiencing each moment as if it were the first, enjoying all of life and all that life has to give. When it came right down to it, it really doesn't matter where I go or what I achieve, my greatest gift is that of love and allowing love to lead me in a positive way. You have already given me more than a person could ever want or dream of, you have given me your love.


The mind is awfully power and so my list isn't very long as the magic of love as empowered us with the ability to cross the earthly barriers and achieve our greatness. Standing as one we are a puzzle with lost pieces, together we are complete in our view of the world. Your gift of love as supported me emotionally and has given me the strength to journey forward. It is the will of love which encourages and guides me...hopefully into your arms.

Freedom not a right of the land but a will of the land,
earned and maintained by the blood of many.
They say that only a fool believes that the world 
can find the existence of peace on realities terms. 
But I believe the fool is one who cannot strip his
heart of hatred and greed, for they are two 
elements which are the strongest driving force
 for creating the battle grounds of war. 

I see the reflection of your love
 in all that I do and all that I am.

The most unselfish love questions nothing...
except the distance that dares to keep one soul from another. 
Wow! the draw of the moon! "It has been a while... "oh wait! the moon rotates and provides us with a glimpse of a full moon 12.37 times a year, which amounts to at least once a month. Must be a blue moon it occurs once every 2.7 years. There are two sayings one which has nothing to do with the other" I will never ask you for more than you can give" " and " there must be a hair in my craw" lmao 


amrit said...

The paint of love being painted on wall of heart is possible by best human creatures with HAND OF GOD.amrit

Rachel C Miller said...

That is most beautifully spoken amrit.

Thank You