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Monday, August 30, 2010

...just another day.

There is an old quote from the mid 1500's  " Nothing is fair in love and war." I laugh as I remember the children on their first day of school saying " it is just not fair!" But in reality we are here to learn,experience and leave behind something that those who follow after us will learn from and understand and hopefully improve upon on their own journey. It really has nothing to do with fairness, actually it has to do with knowing why we are here in the first place. The many people I have met through the years has taught me that we might not be in control of the moment, but we are responsible for how we deal with it, how we digest our thoughts, emotions and actions. There are days I just want to turn the page, literally write a new chapter an occasionally edit the past. In my own foolish thoughts, I have come to better appreciate the reality of life. There is no magic crystal ball and yet each minute that we explore is our and ours alone. Whether our experiences are positively or negatively charged remains to be seen, how we react to those experiences is crucial in how far we will journey and what lessons we receive along the way.I do not enjoy stumbling, nor the crawl to get back up, but as I stand tall and gaze into the heavens blue, I see that the rewards are much greater than anticipated.

I had this dream and it was in the middle of August and the rain turned to snow as it fell from the sky, I remember saying Oh! how beautiful! and than I woke up. I understand that we cannot change or alter mother nature as she masters the seasons. The real peace and magic is neither in looking back or looking ahead but rejoicing in this very moment.

The overwhelming desire to place wants above needs 
is simply a denial of reality and its truth.
I don' t procrastinate because I haven't thought of what I need to do, 
 on the contrary it is simply that my actions fail to keep up with my mind. 
Nothing ever stays the same,
it can get better or it can get worse, 
 but each moment in time is never the same twice. . 


The worst thing about a spiders web 
is how tight the weave, the more you struggle 
 the more difficult it is to break free.

It is a simple fact that today will be nothing like tomorrow
 and yet tomorrow will carry all the choices of yesterday.

I sense that there is change, there is an uneasiness and
as a sense of desperation in the voice of the people.
The preamble starts with " We the people" that must never be forgotten.

I realize more and more with each day,that I cannot change the reality of what is,
but if I can share a moment of happiness ,I have succeeded in allowing energy to
flow from my soul to another and that comes with its own rewards

I have moments where thoughts control my actions

and  other times where actions lead my thoughts.

I cannot be responsible for  the actions of another,
but in truth I have loved.

 My sister always said "the day we are born we are given a birth date and a date when we are going to check out. We just don't know when it is." I thought about that as some people are here such a relatively short time and others around for much longer. I thought about the people who are a part of the trade show network. One of the women today said " we all have our reasons for being here " That we do, some reasons rather personal and others more profound, but in all reality every step we take every path we cross  sort of morphs as it  joins soul with soul.
Today was rather odd, I can't really explain it, it was hot and humid, really kind of norm for this time of year, yet I felt and emptiness.  I chose events this year that will take me into a different arena, I felt in some way that reaching beyond the norm would provide a setting for growth. Yes, it is beyond the comfort zone but necessary to complete the goals in the limited time we are given.
I never live on regrets obviously the struggles of the past were necessary. I am not actually sure why, I look back at the years as some mega test to bring a clearer picture of our weakness and strengths. Tomorrow I work in Cheat lake not quite comfortable with the drive but also important in reaching out to new territory.
I have to say that I use to think if some how I could runaway, I could start anew and leave behind all the mistakes we make in life. It doesn't happen that way, there is no easy way out. Stands tall and accepts the journey.

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