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Friday, August 27, 2010

The Proverbial Tigers Tail

There were many factors for the writing today. One was the cool morning that was a tease and a reminder that winter is not far off. I didn't have much of a summer and it went way to fast and I find myself not really prepared for the cold winter that anxiously waits to test the will of the spirit. The sun did not find its way through the clouds and the room was filled with darkness.
I remember the Tigers Tail from a childhood story, the tigers chase each other around and around until they turn to butter. Was I like the tiger chasing dreams ? I tried to realistically look at my life beyond the survival  mode and the canvas was bare. It was if the emptiness inside of me reflected upon the moment. I am running so fast trying to get beyond the dreams that it all seems to dissipate and fade and I am standing their alone.
I looked at my life both past and present and as I surfaced with the moment I still I felt lost without direction..This is my poor pitiful me mood ,as I try to understand the journey, the directors choice in the cast and a long drawn out story that I have no idea where it leads.

The thought of winter brings a darkness
that I am not prepared to deal with. 

Hold me and let the darkness  fade...

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