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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I was asked today where my allegiance lies and what inspires the poetry love or lust. I can assure you the poetry is inspired first by my love for life and the beauty of nature and all that we encompass on the journey. It is truly the voice of my heart and through this truth the reality of the poetry is an acknowledgement of the warmth that one individual can infuse into another. It is free of religious condemnation and is a freedom of the soul as it explores each moment of joy life has to offer. What people read is beyond the barriers of the mind and can be interpreted like that of a good song to fit into any heart that is open and willing to love. It takes a soul free of judgement to understand that the beauty of life starts with self and only when it is shared does it become true magic. The quest is not to complete someone else's journey but to find our individual place in a barrier free hemisphere. There is a big difference between love and lust, love holds your hand through good and bad, it see's your faults and loves you anyway and understands without any need for explanation. It is in the absence of love that you learn the most about what love truly is. The greatest sin is for a human being to never feel the true power of love.Love in its most virgin state can stop a war, heal a heart, soothe the spirit and ignite a soul a blaze. The most wonderful and magical part is that the seed is planted in each person, waiting to be nurtured so it may grow into full maturity and bloom throughout our life. I believe in the power of love for I have felt it touch my heart and guide my soul.

The power of music! Sometimes you take for granted the rural roads without the traffic noise etc. Today as I was driving down the road listening to classical music, I felt as if the moment was indeed unique to me. I had traveled in this direction several times and so there was a comfort zone knowing where I will start and where it will end. People get a drivers license everyday and don't think much about it as if it were a right of passage, but I guess it's not about getting the drivers license but how many years I went without one. I still find the world takes on a different view, it is like being a small child and being allowed outside your big backyard for the first time. Each new road traveled and experienced leads me down the path of knowledge. I can't believe how much more there is to see and learn and every day for the last four years has been filled with explosive and powerful filled moments. It is like being in your own world for a short period of time. Listening to music, enjoying the moment and give thanks for the joy of life that each day I get to be a part of.
Music it is as much a part of the moment as the ride and it has a power all of its own. It can invoke memories, stir emotions, create the moment, soothe, excite and set the scene on the stage of life. I thought to myself, that this moment is special in so many ways. It is a moment filled with friendship, love, happiness and desire, it is both exciting and calm and definitely empowering. We, you and I are in control of this moment, we create the path and we choose where it will go and how we will travel on it. I am so happy and excited to be able to share in the dreams that have opened the doorway to reality. Ten miles down the road and I thought about the journey to this point, it is true that I have had many an experiences but nothing has been rewarding than knowing that you accepted me into your life and you into mine. We are the moment, like the power of music we hit each note and bring a vast array of  experiences to the forefront of the journey. Sit beside, let me take the wheel, we have so much more to see and do and I am so glad you trusted yourself to come aboard.
It is a rather peaceful morning and though I woke up a bit out of sort I felt the embrace of your warm and sweet memory. So tender the moment that caught me by surprise as I reached to take your hand and pull you to my side. I laughed and I giggled and I rejoiced from deep inside of a love so precious that even eternity bowed and stepped a side. Each breath is so empowering consuming the moments of time and exploring the dreams as some celestial sign. Time nor space has no control in this realm for you are the King and I the Queen of this helm. Sailing through the memories of a thousand times two, I stopped at the ones where I fell in love with you. I felt the magic and the power that could not be denied as your love merged with my heart as it embraced my soul while flowing through the mind. 


Dreams soothe the troubled mind
 as they trip this heart of mine. 

The more I learn of life,
the more I realize how little anyone
 really knows of our true existence.
Man has so much unused potential 
yet to be used for the good of mankind.  
Planting seeds of love is the easy part
nourishing them takes a little more work. 

It is a rather dark and gloomy morning and as the wind moves the darkened clouds closer you can almost feel the rain that is about to fall. Raindrops, raindrops are falling and in the darkness of the moment and the silence is broken by song of love.  I hear your love calling. Wake up! and listen to your heart, it sings of a love that yesterday had sparked. Melancholy spirit no time for the blues, I am holding on to loving you. I'm holding on to loving you.

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