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Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, July 31, 2010

In the Garden of Love

My heart like the earth, your love a
seedling grows, with roots which reach
a depth that only lovers know.

Stronger and more vital, the blooms
are sure to show, just how much I
love you and need you so.

Your love can be seen in the sun rays of the blue
shining down through the mountains in every
shade and hue.

I can feel your touch like drops of summer dew,
as each is a sweet reminder to my soul of how
much I love you.

Sings>There is no goodbye's my darling,
 no I'll be seeing you, for you have my heart
 and I am in love with you.

Oh! Oh! Baby you took my heart that day,
Oh! Oh! baby and it's never been the same.

It might be cliche but I'll go ahead and say
you had me! oh yes! from the first hello,
from the first hello

Oh! Oh! Baby you took my heart that day,
Oh! Oh! Baby and it's never been the same.

I thought about all that life entails and about the world around me and the people who have come into my life. I find that they are all instrumental to our being  in ways that we have yet to understand. It became obvious that life is like working on a puzzle and each piece allows us to get a small glimpse of the past the present and the future. I had great difficulty with placing each piece of the puzzle in the correct place until I accepted the depth of its importance. Once I grasped the meaning and allowed each experience to become an extensional road map leading us through the lessons of life, I was better able to move the pieces and place them into the puzzle where it provides a much clearer view of reality.

I took to the mountains,
I danced and sang and I
spun around in circles as
 if in a child's game.

The air was still , the
sun beaming down and
in the morning silence only
 my voice could be found.

La, la, la means I love you,
la, la, la means I care,
la la la my darling,
la, la, la good morning dear.

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