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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, July 01, 2010

and when the sun sets...

To wipe your brow and kiss you sweet, to hold close and in your arms retreat. I shall hold you in the night and allow your soul to rest till the morning light. Calm your spirit and soothe your heart and in our dreams a journey chart.

Everything we do and say falls into a category or rule created by man. When to get up and when to go sleep, what hours to work, when we can vacation. With the abrupt change in weather, one day it was so hot you just wanted to hop in the pool and like today, the weather is perfect for working outdoors. It seems as if over the many years we have stepped more and more away from the rules of mother nature and more with what is the societal norm, that is rules made by man. Can you imagine for one moment that we allow ourself to become one in a very simplistic way with nature. I watched as a song bird that normally is seen at the feeder, taking a bath in the stream. She stretched her wings and made them flutter a little than took to the branch above to bask in the sun. In one aspect it all seem to be about survival which is fulfilling our most basic needs, food and shelter. Life becomes complicated in what is refereed to as the hierarchy, which I believe was created to divide people rather then bring them together. Can you imagine allowing Mother nature to tell us what to do through the seasons.

In the winter when the snow is falling ,
build yourself a fire and snuggle as you
watch each flurry hit the ground.

Spring time is a mixed review,
sometimes a blustery storms and
some times skies of blue born.

Follow the moment and hold
me day and night whether standing
in the rain or embracing under the
moon lit sky.

Summer tells you exactly what to
do, to share the moment you got to
let your love shine through.

The seasons come and go, but what
they leave behind is a reminder of
how much I love you so and the
measurement of time.

Take the autumn leaves in colors of red
and gold, they brighten up the moment
and warn of the winters hold.

Listen to the seasons, they'll tell us what
to do, when to crawl under the blankets
and make love, as lovers do.

Follow your heart, it will never lead you
wrong, it wrote the words to each and
every love song.

Dreaming while I'm awake, reminds me
of the happiness that you and I created
like a summer on the lake.

Follow the seasons they'll tell you what
to do, they led you to my arms so I can
whisper I love you.

I feel your love each morning and all through the day, I feel your love in the most amazing way. The early sun rays beating down from the sky, glisten on my cheek as your kiss tickles me from inside. Racing over the hills, it seemed like so far to go until I stumbled and fell and you caught me so.The wind is special indeed, it took down quite a few of those winter standing trees, but when it settled down and began to softly blow it brought you to me. I feel your love in all that I do, I feel your love as it empowers the sky blue. Sweet reminders of what you mean to me, as you took my heart and made me believe.

Bill Murray was the star in the movie ground hog day, where he kept repeating the same day over and over. As I looked out the window at the sun shining through at the exact same time, I thought for one second Ground Hog Day? Until I feel your love growing stronger and more beautifully within me and I knew it was a new day, a new dream and a new moment with you my love.
I watched as the wind choreographed the hills and the dance upon the moment most certainly revealed. Love is the energy you and I share and as the winds blows through my window your love is all that I feel. This is a new day of loving you, like a rose in bloom each moment is more beautiful with you. I love you my darling more with each for you are my sunshine and the moon which never fades.
I felt your hand cause my flesh to quiver sending chills it felt more like an uncontrollable shiver. The day is awfully special it belongs to you and I and gets even better when I close my eyes. I can see deep within your heart, that you love me and loved me from the start.


...our love will take to the heavens.

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