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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Positive Energy

The day has quickly ended and the night filled of darkness reigns and as I close my eyes to sleep my pillow I shall name. I pulled the pillow closer, I tucked it gently under my arms and than I thought of you my love with your warmth and all your charm. Positive your energy which fuels this heart of mine and ignites my soul into a flame which will burn for all of time. I shall not weep tonight, no tears will you see, for I have left the sorrow behind and through your love I'll breathe. Images of passion, the power of desire, the magic of your love which brings life to the hour. My soul slightly trembled from the infusion into my heart, as I lay upon my pillow and etch your name into the stars.
You dominate my very thoughts
so much so that I obsess over your absence.

I wouldn't call it trickery,
nor a magician's spell,
but there is no doubt,
something happened,
in a story only my
heart can tell.

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