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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

We'll Cross That Bridge When We Come To It

I believe that years back in both a social and business sense there was quite a bit of value placed on the spoken word. Even a handshake was well respected, it's meaning that we agree on the moment and acknowledge that your word is the word of truth and that you will to the best of your ability stand by the words through the closure of a handshake.
In my life I have given my word many times and I believe that to be an internal part of who I am that which is shared externally. I have kept promises and I believed that the gateway to happiness was down the path of truth. 
Somehow the world in general has pulled away from respect, honesty, faith and that has in itself cheapened our voice. People feel free to speak without realizing what impact their voice will have upon each individual or the world in general. If one person is affected by that which we do or write,then I believe that it is crucial and vitally important that we provide a positive platform in which people can find a peaceful escape to the darkness that a day can bring.
Contentment is when you listen to the heart and you understand the voice from within and you appreciate the journey and accept the perspective as directed by the soul. When you can stand in silence and take in the beauty of the sounds that once had gone unheard and reap the majestic glory of life and know that the path of your journey has indeed been created for you and you alone, You as one with the world have felt the arms of contentment which guide you safely through realities window.  

 You are the love that lives within my heart, the joy of life that gives light to the dark. You are the magic that teases my soul and has me begging to feel your mos tender hold. There are rainbows everyday through the rain a storm blows and there in the moment, your love within me grows. Dreams might be a fools game and reaching beyond the memories I claim, might seem to be a bit insane.

One tear for the moment,
One tear for the ache,
One tear for the dreams,
that happiness creates. 

 The river sings a song with the roar of the waves, some how it seem to summon the heart that for you craves.I felt the magic, it took me by surprise and within my soul it cast the dreams of you and I. Beyond the heavens and the stars in the sky, for the galaxy is yours and the galaxy is mine. So precious this moment, as wonderful as it can be, for there you are waiting arms open and heart inviting. 

The darkness has fallen, the dreams now begin and with shadows on the wall an image of love is cast from within. My soul came to reckon with you my love, for you my darling have entered from heaven through the heart via the clouds above. There is something awfully special and that I can' t deny for you are the passion that I feel from deep inside. I'll hold you close, I'll never let you go, no matter where you travel, your with me don't ya know. This must be my heaven and I think it might be  my hell, to bring you so close and separate like the deepest well. To have an opportunity that few will ever know, so glorious a love that through my life it flows. The darkness has fallen, the dreams now begin and with shadows on the wall an image of love is cast from within. 

I refuse to cry, nor let your love tear me up from inside,
I waited years for you,just to hear you say you love me too.
I prayed  night and day, till the magic began to fade, until
something happened and you just went away.

My heart felt the ache, the sorrow made it so and
when the skies darkened I knew I had to go.
Mountains between us, a willow is dead and gone,
as the shallow roots from this earth didn't belong.

I was never really fond of bridges, as far as I can remember I despised crossing them. Even as a small child I would run as quickly as possible across the bridge without stopping to look through the railing at the water below nor look behind to see how far I had traveled. I had quite the imagination that the bridge would somehow crumble or swallow me up and leave me helpless to the river below. Even when I was in my early twenties, I would time how fast it took me to cross the river. I have celebrated this year as my renewal year for my drivers license and though I like to drive into Uniontown there is very long bridge you have to cross no room for error, so I hold the wheel as straight as can be, hold my breath until I am over the bridge. 
Through out my life there were many English Proverbs that had to do with bridges, " don't burn the bridges behind you and you'll cross that bridge when you come to it, it is water under the bridge or it was water over the bridge and it is just one more bridge to cross."   There seem to be an awful lot of lessons about bridges and still I didn't like the bridges all that well. I know that they are necessary to cross a body of water or land and that there would be a whole  lot  more of the world unseen had it not been for the bridges that were built. But it wasn't till recently that I saw the bridges of life in a whole new light.We broke down the barriers of distance, space and time, with the help of technology, for technology bridges places that were once impossible to reach.Today there is no place upon the earth we cannot somehow see and learn by crossing the bridge of experience. 
I have had many experiences and I thought at the time that I understood them, yet I some how tremble at the thought of crossing a burning bridge. But there was definitely something unique about this time period in my life. Almost all of my life I can't remember anyone waiting on the other side of the bridge, the journey over the bridge always made me feel one separate from the world around me. But as I look at all of our accomplishments and crossing the bridge of knowledge, I see how that has taken us to different places and times.  We have been crossing many bridges, sometimes you were right there beside me and other times I could see you in the distance with your hand reaching out pulling me to safety. I am sometimes still afraid and I know we have many bridges that we still need to cross, but I know this is different, I am not alone. I walk side by side with faith and trust, love and respect and I know that each one of them leads me to you. In my heart I see the bridge of destiny and my soul fears crossing it. I have felt the most amazing emotions and as a woman I still try to accept what is at the bridge before I get to it and to also know when it is definitely water over the bridge I have spent many years exploring my own emotions and filing them accordingly.I always wanted to know what lay ahead and yet it is impossible even with the utmost careful planning ,as we don't alway prepare for circumstances etc. I always thought easier had life been a well written syllabus  and outline of life that was short and to the point. 
I see many obstacles and opportunities that have yet to be challenged and I wonder exactly what we will need to build the bridges that will bring us together. I almost feel as if over the years I had to dissect my own heart so as to better understand the experience on this long drawn out journey. But I see beyond the clouding of judgement and there in the distance waiting for me from across the bridge is you. When everyone else gave up and walked away, you did not, you stood firm and tall and you reached your hand out to me and you pulled me close to you. I felt safe and secure maybe for the first time as I crossed the bridge into your arms. I wondered about the why's in life, why such a long and twisted road and why certain people become a part of the journey. 
In the 1960's there was a bridge built in Pittsburgh called the bridge to no where, for the longest time it had no destination. I thought about that a bridge that goes nowhere and I work hard to make sure that whatever bridges we cross that they will lead up in a positive way across our trials to secure our triumphs.
I do believe that the experiences are a little more clearer to me than it has been in the past. I seem to understand more of what I need and what I want and which bridges we will have to cross to get there. I am sometimes a bit fearful and I can feel a tremble from inside, but I also know I believe from deep within my heart that I am not at the end of a story but at the beginning. Steps one foot onto the bridge and reaches for your hand...

We can bridge a river, 
the mountains and the sea, 
like a rainbow across the sky 
we can a bridge a dream. 

We can bridge with memories,
happiness and smiles and with
heart and soul together we
can bridge across the miles

Because my heart felt troubled for so long,
it revealed an open wound that had yet 
to heal. 
The truth brought forward many emotion...
Complicated by lies, redirected by pain, 
I tremble from memories that had 
driven me insane. 
Love is the most honest emotion ignited by passion... the key word is honest.

Sometimes people call  the positive nature  "staying on the sunny side" or being optimistic. In many ways I think that it is partially genetic and also a learned behavior. Throughout the years there are moments that surfaced that many might not think were so important, I found them to be extremely crucial on the road of life. It was almost as if sifting through all the experiences and those that remained behind were the elements necessarily not only for great memories but also as a lesson which leads us down the path of knowledge.
My very first and favorite positive memory was of my parents dancing in the kitchen, ironically they did that often, played music and went with the moment, I remember as a child thinking that they looked like they were in a ballroom and reality would fade away. The other experience I had with mature love was of parents of a friend, I remember the look in their eyes for each other and the public display of emotion. Those images stayed with me as if they were photographed and stored in the memory bank of experience. My favorite above all is the musical " the music man" even as a child you realize that the librarian is portrayed as a woman who was well passed her prime for love, as if you can be past your prime. Than her world changes as she falls in love with the traveling salesman and the world indeed takes on a different hue.
I learned several really important lessons that love can be expressed in many ways, that emotion needs no special place and time and  also that we never stop loving, that a mature love can be even more moving than in our youth. Call me the hopeless romantic, but all in all when you feel the magic in the heart and view it as it exudes through the sparkle of the eye, nothing can be more wonderful than the energy from the power of love.

Giggling is a sign of passion and
 passion can be seen in all that we do.

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