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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

If it took the breaking of my heart to lead me to you than I would do it all over again.

It is the days of your absence that I feel the void in my heart.

It is in loving you my heart celebrates with the deepest of passion.

It is not what you are doing,

but who you are doing it with.

Sings>You turn all those raindrops into sunshine and you make this world seem awfully fine. Dreams of a day with you and a night of loving you too. Happiness is what your bring, when you taught my heart to sing. la la la la la , la la la la la, you turn all those raindrops into sunshine and you make this world seem awfully fine. Dancing on the clouds up high, we broke the barrier of the mind. la la la la la , la la la la la You turn all those raindrops into sunshineeeee and you this world seem awfully fine.

I wasn't into the fireworks this year, they seem to have been faster than usual. There was just something missing this evening...your arms around me.

I began to dance and I spun like a seed in the wind, where I was caught and our love would once begin. Standing in the water the sun shining down on me, I raised my arms into the air and begged for you to reach out to me. Something happened that only true love can explain, I felt your energy and I thought I must be insane. Love accomplished the greatest of feats it took all the barriers and achoo! turned them into a snee
ze. There we are, you and I like birds free soaring above the heavens as true love would have it be. The kiss of the moment, the passion that brought tears to my eyes , the joy of loving you which only a fool would deny. Love has conquered and love is what we found when we opened our hearts and felt each beat loudly pound. I love you my darling, I love you so and I can't stop this feeling it just won't let me go. I begged the moment to hold you still so that I may return the magic of what It is you made me feel.

Underneath the orchards, the grass a soft and teasing green and there is where I'd gaze above into the clouds to dream. Your head upon my lap, my hands through your hair and I bend down so to give you a kiss before your disappear. The blanket enticing and into your arms I lay as I wish to hold still time before it slips away. The absence in my heart, the loneliness of my soul reaches out for your love to forever hold. I know this love, the love we share and it makes me hunger that much more for you my dear.
It is as if the heart, soul and mind have an individual entity, separate yet one with the flesh. Each part of our being needing the nourishment that only love can provide. You would think that the mind would be the most powerful source of energy for it is the mind that files the memories according to the importance each one has played on the heart and soul. It is also that which is determined to use the conscious and subconscious as a tool to close the gap of distance. Whether it is the dreams of the day or when our mind drifts off in the night we have the ability to feel the flow of energy. The soul indeed recognizes the treasure that both your empathy for the emotions triggered by the heart and the reality of your love have on the moment. I feel as if I am in caught in a battle between the three, one speaks of truth, the other of desire and they have to reckon with the mind that dwells in reality. Imprisoned by the flesh released by the soul, my heart seeks flight, my mind simply scolds. The flood of tears a river deep from my heart the memories seep...

For many people holidays are just another day to party. How many actually think about those who have given their life for the very freedom we have come to take for granted. I was restless and didn't fall asleep till around 3 am and again up at 7. It was one of those days where it all seemed to make sense everything was very clear.
Looking at my very own personal independence I found that most things were somehow woven into the lives of everyone around me. It was as if each step forward was being swallowed up by people and circumstance. Almost as if you are literally sewn into the canvas that someone else stitched. So this Independence weekend made me think of my own personal freedoms and those which no one could take from me. I had tried last year running with one of my sons and in trying to keep up caused problems with my spine, but this morning was different. I went out and took as they say the less traveled road. As I ran over the hills and down each road, there was something powerful about the freedom and the ability to take charge of the road ahead. I don't think I really understood what the full amount of independence detailed. Each step I took was not closer to you, but one to one beside you, in the freedom of choice, I chose to run, to live and to love. This 4th of July may you feel the trickle down of independence in your own life and allow your soul to be and soar freely.

One step away, One step Closer!

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Mark said...

Happy 4th of July! You words are beautiful and serve to remind us of love and to be thankful for the independence we too often take for granted. Let not this day celebrate division of nations, let this day embrace the spirit of independence for all beings.