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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Cup Between 2 Friends ?

It wasn't until I realized that happiness is a philosophy and a way of life and that you don't find happiness in someone else but it is in the joy of sharing that happiness surfaces. I felt a source of renewed energy this morning, the rays of sun cast a beam of light through the rooms which led me through the daydream to you.

 Cat and mouse... contrived action involving constant pursuit, near captures, and repeated escapes. 

When you can see that the true gift is not in that which time will bring, but that which time currently lays before us. 

I am wealthier than all the Kings and Queens that have gone before us, for my treasure chest is lined with the power of faith and it is filled with an abundance of your love and kindness. One look at it and you can feel the peace that overflows from it and the patience that your friendship has provided. I am wealthier than all the Kings and Queens that have gone before us, for my treasure chest is filled with all the dreams of tomorrow and the joy which is bestowed upon us from the heavens. The gems of life sparkle brighter than a thousand suns as they lead the way through the light of love into your arms. 

This Night is Ours

I felt a little frightened, the bed empty and pillows bare,surrounded by nothing but darkness and a chill  of fear. Time had robbed us all our yesterdays and I stand at the gate of tomorrow begging the dreams find their way. The mountains which once seem so high, disappeared from the sky, rivers wide and deep having nothing on this here dream, for all I have to do is close my eyes and I'm with you. 

I have many times thought about the distance, rivers, roads,mountains and hills and than I look up into the nightly sky and I knew you were so close as the air I breathe. Oh stars of heaven shining down on us, there is no mountains or rivers to stop us. Oh, moonlight, bright as can be, you shine for him and you shine for me. I took the cloud, I bordered it slow and I requested it to sail where only lovers go.

Sings>I love you, I love you, yes I do, silly songs I sing for you. I love you, I love you, yes I do, I love the one who made my skies blue. I love you, I love you, yes I do, the one who holds my heart and soul too. I love you, I love you, yes I do, there is nothing but happiness when I am with you. We removed the mountains, we bridged the sea and we bordered the cloud in our nightly dreams. 

I cannot have enough days upon this earth to remind you of my love for you, nor enough in the heavens to assure you that our love is eternal, but this I have, I have this moment short but true and tonight I whisper of my love for you. It is forever and it is true and it rules the sky of blue. Good Night My Love...

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