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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, July 30, 2010

Message in a Bottle

The water will erode the bottle, the message will
 float away and it is quite unlike my love for
 you which is in my heart to stay.
Centrifugal Force

Spinning on happiness,
spinning on dreams, 
spinning on love and 
your memories. 

Suddenly from the
wall of despair, 
no longer in motion,
and filled with fear.

I think if i had to say what one toy always amazed me and I would say that it was a child's top. It would spin and spin and spin and as quickly at that it would run out of energy and just fall over. I compared life in many ways to that child's top,  The energy from the positive emotions kept me spinning but when I ran out of energy all the negative that I had risen above comes back to hold me still. In many ways the spinning is no different than running away, it is my denial of reality. I keep busy so that my mind no think and doing so keep the negative at distance. Pull the string spin me around, I am afraid to stop. 


amrit said...

The word EMOTIONS,does contain motion in it.See for that motion and be positive.

Rachel C Miller said...

Thank You Amrit,
It is true that emotions are energy and I will take your advice and keep the positive energy in front.