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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, July 02, 2010

...oh! The want of you!

My soul cries out in silence as my
heart accompanies the moment with passion.
I was laying on the newly cut grass and it occurred to me that the infusion of your love was not only an emotion that touched my heart but a combination of the senses that invited me to dance upon the moment. Gazing into the sky the world seemed quite small and I knew that the clouds above me would soon be above you, I sent you my love. I closed my eyes and I took in the mellow sweets of the garden, the fresh smell of cut grass, the roses in bloom, Monarda and its calm minty temptation as well as the wildflowers,in the garden of the hollow, I gathered a bouquet, I gathered a bouquet of love. My hunger for the touch of flesh to flesh, my tongue rolled over my lip and I imagined your kiss, my fingers to my lips, I waived it to the wind, I blew a kiss, a kiss of my love. The wind soft and kind of teasing caused the black locust trees to fan as if i were in a part of the garden of loves canvas, I felt the a sensation that caused me to quiver, I felt your love and in returned I beckoned the wind to find you and breathe my love into you. I once again opened my eyes and I was no longer separate from the world around me but one with it, I was embraced by your love, so magical this embrace that I lay upon the grass in celebration of the bonding of our souls.

Blood Red Monarda a reminder of the beauty of your love.

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