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Monday, July 05, 2010

Magic Grass

I don't remember when I didn't find nature to be some sort of escape from the reality of life. When I was very little our home bordered acres of woodlands. It is funny what you remember as a child and what will stir those memories in you as an adult. I was walking through the woodlands, I had to be no more than seven years old, when I came across this patch of grass. It was variegated blades in a blend of summer green and white. I pulled a couple strands with the root attached and I ran into my mother and I said " look momma Magic Grass!" She took the strands and planted it in the flower garden. The house had since been sold but she had given a few strands to my grandmother, the name magic grass kind of stuck. When I moved here I asked my mother if she still had some of the magic grass. She took some from my grandmothers garden and gave it to me and I planted it on the hillside. I didn't think much about it and that particular garden became quite overgrown. But there mixed in the weeds was one blade of magic grass. I moved the magic grass to a clear location in the central garden and it now flourishes as if it had found its rightful place within the garden.
What made the grass appear magical? It was as good as spotting a unicorn, it was something rarely or seldom seen. I call it a heirloom plant one that has been passed down through the many years, from generation to generation, backwards in my case. I am in awe at the memories that flood through my mind as I look at a plant that seemed quite mystical to me. I think of our love like the " Magic Grass" it is something quite rare and seldom seem, it is a step away from the common everyday experiences that people call love. In many instances when I refer to our love as magical, it is as magical to my heart as it is to my soul. Just like the grass that was growing wild in the woodlands, our love one strand stands out amongst the many experiences we explore. One blade of grass had grown and filled the garden, you my love have grown in my heart and have filled it with the many strands of love... Thank You for being my " Magic Grass or is that my Magic Love?"


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