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Friday, July 16, 2010

The Essentials for finding a soul mate

Soul Mate,I have written on it and you can search the web and probably find another million pages on it. How do we find our soul mate, what it is we are looking for in a soul mate,etc? I first thought you just don't go out and find soul mates. There is an old saying that when you stop looking and start living that is when you find love. When we begin to live through our own value system in an emotional and healthy way we find that the pool of people that are drawn to us may also be in the same arena of positive thoughts.
On yahoo they had a article on what you look for in a soul mate, none of the six essentials were anything that ever came to mind, the article mentioned with little about respect, love, passion and desire nor did it bring up a sense of humor intelligence and compassion. In all reality the things they mentioned most finances, physical appearance, fitness were not as important in a long last relationship as those who were willing to work through difficult times. So that would mean soul mates, true soul mates goes a lot deeper than what yahoo than Dee Anne Merriman the freelance writer and contributor to Happen magazine has suggested. It would be very easy to have and accident and have your body and face destroyed, does that mean you no longer a soul mate? Finances how much you have is not as important as what you you with what you have and so does the lack of money make one less of a soul mate? After reading the article I came with that other than her comment of " looking in the mirror" and yes a value system, it really teamed up soul mates with a shallowness.

A soul mate is someone who knows you inside and out, who has felt your laughter and wiped your tears and understands you completely. Who knows you are not perfect but loves you anyway. Who finds your faults as charming as your strengths. A true soul mate views the simplicity of the moment and appreciates the importance of holding hands and embracing hearts.

A soul mate knows me better than I know my self because they are the very souls reflection. A soul mate can be wonderful and can be very scary because in them, you will see yourself, because in all sense of the meaning they are the other half of your soul and so they know your thoughts because the thoughts equal. They love, they respect, they dream and they believe that love conquers all.

Sings> When I laugh, he laughs, when I smile, he smiles, when I cry he wipes the tears from my cheek. When I dance, he dances, when I sing, he sings, when I soar to the clouds he is there waiting with his arms opened for me. When I believe, he believes, when I dream, he dreams, when I find myself falling , he is there to catch me.

Some people pass through your life and they leave and indelible marking on your heart and others they don't pass they walk right in and they make your heart their home. I love you for walking in and making yourself comfortable, welcome home.


Anonymous said...

a soul mate - to me it feels like someone who can mirror to you exactly who you are...to gently shine a light on your places that you may not like so much, coaxing gentle change, or amplifying the unity and love of all that is beautiful inside and out making it all the more amazing. Yes, that is one thought....but I still have to laugh at the yahoo home page headlines. It feels like the magazine rack at the checkout stand...pointless but it still sucks me in.

Rachel C Miller said...

Hi Becca,
Lol That is the media, doing what they do best, recirculate nonsense. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts on soul mates.

amrit said...


Rachel C Miller said...

Thank You Amrit for your lovely comment on soul mates, indeed the connection of a soul is in the sharing of a moment.