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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

In My Garden

The angels aren't talking,
the stars don't light the sky,
no rainbow for crossing and
yet you're still in my mind.

The blue birds don't sing,
the sun no longer shines,
the rain controls the
darkness from down deep

The willow has fallen,
shallow was its roots,
I gave to it the sunshine,
and still they broke the
soil loose.

Somethings are forever,
where truth lay the path,
and others are more fragile
and shatter like common glass.

The oak seed was planted and
it grew stronger everyday
and quickly became a reminder
that we survived to greet
another day.

Love is everlasting and gets
better as time goes on and
with you beside me, I know
your arms are where I

From my lips a kiss, to your heart I place and when you are busy with the day, I'll allow your heart to relay. Yes, I love you and want you more than words can say and as the clouds drift on by, remember the kiss I give to you each day.

I am off to the farmers market to sell the skin care products I manufacture. I look forward to seeing everyone, getting dressed up and for a few ours reaching out beyond the hollow. I have always believe that those who cross our path whether for a moment or a life time do so to bring us a gift that may somehow be hidden in the mirage of experiences. It is impossible to be with a person 24/7 or is it?

Sings>Wherever I go,
what I do, it is
always with you.

Whenever I dance,
or sing out loud,
it's because your
in my heart.

Whatever I'm doing,
day and night,it's
because your holding
my hand.

On this journey it is you and I baby,
living and loving without any maybe's

Souls entwined make you mine and and I
yours, as we continue to explore.

Heart to heart beyond the heavens blue,
you can see it as the sunshines through.

From earth to the heavens high, I'm caught
in the dreams that brings you to my side.

There is always been something quite magical about gardening,from the moment you place a seed in the ground, watch it grow and bloom. I like it because it is really clear cut, you nourish the seedling and weed around it and pinch it back and allow it to grow strong. For everything there is an answer, what part of the garden does the plant like, shade, sunshine, damp, dry soil. The weather, insects, diseases, it has always been really easy for me to know what to do to make a healthy garden grow.
In my early years I thought I understood like gardening what was necessary to seed, grow and bloom in life, except the answers were not as easy as they appeared to be in gardening.Mostly because in gardening you have a plant and you, you tend to the plant and there is no one else to answer. In life we have many people to answer to and though it would be easier if it was just self but unlikely.
We started out with our parents and pleasing them and wanting to do what is right and than we go to school and its teachers,friends, colleagues and than partners, lovers, family, spouse and the list goes on. It is the ever expanding network. Life is complicated because each person has a choice in what road they travel. There choices may not always be like our own and this complicates the journey.
There are many essentials necessary for growth in life. I'd like to think love is the number one crucial ingredient, but we also need respect, compassion, understanding, devotion, emotion, and honesty. Unlike a garden it is not one on one and so it becomes more like a puzzle and everyone is bringing pieces that do no necessarily fit.
I know what I have experienced and I would have to say anytime a lie comes into the scenario, life is complicated. It is impossible to build a strong foundation upon a lie, it leaves holes which will cause the foundation at some point to collapse. I have seen in my own life how I have been hurt by lies, troubled and lost.

I have never felt more respect
until I met you and felt the
power of your love.

I have never believed that anyone
could love me so much until
I felt your embrace.

I have never imagined such warmth
through a storm, until you
blazed like a thousand suns upon
my soul.

I never dreamed that such a love
existed, until I woke to the
sweetness of your voice.


I pray each night that the Lord keep
you safe, for without you I stand at
the gates of hell.

I cry that I can feel your love so
close and yet be distanced by

I see the child in you and I laugh,
and the man whose strength gives
me courage.

One by one I selected them well,
with each bloom a story to tell.
One of yesterday, one of today
and the one in bud tomorrow

Once a garden of seasonal bloom
until your love came shining
through. Where flowers fade to
anothers bloom as the seasons
go passing through.

In my garden there is only one love
and that is the love that believes
that all is possible and blossoms
as do the flowers.

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Ann Flowers said...

Being a great lover of garden art, I enjoyed going through your blog. Keep on posting.